Recently, XiangPiaoPiao has produced a new self-heating hot pot. Unlike the usual hot pot, this hot pot is a milk tea hot pot. XiangPiaoPiao calls the product “self-heating milk tea”, which is a little bit weird.

The product contains milk tea, red beans, boba (starch dumplings in pearl milk tea), pudding, condensed milk, Nata de coco and other materials, which are commonly used ingredients of milk tea. Like the general self-heating hot pot, the product can be heated anytime and anywhere through the built-in heating material.

The new product has been updated on the shelves at the flagship store of XiangPiaoPiao Tmall. The original price is 300 yuan for 4 boxes, with a discount price of 79.9 yuan for 4 boxes, each with a capacity of 828g. Compared with ordinary self-heating hot pot, “self-heating milk tea” is not expensive if it is bought at a discounted price. The product is still in the booking stage, and consumers need to wait for a period of time to deliver the goods after paying the deposit.

Hot pot and milk tea are the two hot spots of catering consumption among young people in contemporary China. Earlier, some merchants have tried to combine the two, such as Coucou, a well-known hot pot chain, which operates both hot pot and milk tea products. However, although the form of this milk tea of XiangPiaoPiao is relatively novel, the content of the product is still relatively traditional. Compared with trendy milk teas such as Heytea, which contains a lot of fresh fruit and cheese, this milk tea is still 10 years or more old in taste.

If this new product is sold at a discounted price for a long time, it will still be more attractive to consumers in terms of performance-to-price ratio. After all, nowadays the price of a cup of milk tea may be 20 yuan or more, and a pot of milk tea that sells for only 20 yuan is still very suitable for family users.

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