On August 21, 2020, XiangPiaoPiao held an online product conference in Chongqing. At this launch, XiangPiaoPiao’s three series released a total of six new milk teas. 

The first two milk teas in the Boba series are “black-sugar red bean-flavored milk tea” and “peach oolong-flavored milk tea”. This milk tea is equipped with a boba made of cassava powder to imitate the taste of the classic boba milk tea. 

The second is the “good material” series of two kinds of milk tea, respectively, “sesame glutinous rice milk tea” and “roasted quinoa barley milk tea”. This series is a new series launched by Xiangpiaopiao in recent years, and it is famous for containing more ingredients than just milk tea powder. 

The third is the “two-mix” series of milk tea, which are “taro + milk tea” and “soybean milk + milk tea” respectively. 

At the press conference, XiangPiaoPiao also announced that the company would renew its contract with Wang Junkai, and Wang Junkai would continue to be the spokesman for the company’s milk tea products. Under the influence of Wang Junkai, on the day of this press conference, the cumulative sales of XiangPiaoPiao’s six new milk teas exceeded 480,000 copies. 

XiangPiaoPiao is a well-known instant milk tea brand in China, and its sales in China have declined due to the impact of new style milk tea. Therefore, it is looking for transformation, in addition to improving products, seeking to work with stars loved by young consumers is also one of the ways of transformation. The company first hired Wang Junkai as a product spokesman in 2019, effectively raising its profile among young Chinese consumers. 

In addition, overseas sales are also a focus of the company’s transformation strategy. It has launched a number of sub-brands in recent years, including Meco, Sunpure, and Lan Fong Yuen. These brands are also on sale outside China.