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Panda!Yoo started in 2020.

Let’s unfold China.

Although there are many English media tell story about China on the Internet, we believe that PandaYoo is still one of the best ways for you to understand China.

China is a extremely complex and diverse country with more than 1.4 billion people who belongs to 56 different nationalities. For a long time, both English mainstream media and Chinese English media are aimimg to simplify China into a single image in one way or another.

From this perspective, the description of China is always contradictory. China seems to be poor and rich, backward and modern,naive and mature.

PandaYoo tries to get rid of this big and inappropriate way of narration. We try to represent China from the perspective of Chinese people’s daily life, so that our readers could understand this ancient civilization from a more comprehensive angle and get rid of thosr existing stereotypes.

What do they buy? What movie are they watching? What games do they play? What kind of books do they read? What kind of music are they listening to? What kind of food are they eating? Obviously, they never eat General Tso’s Chicken.

In many areas, such as MilkTea and Tiktok, China is leading the global trend.

And we’re responsible for explaining why and how.

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( Chinese and English are available)

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