On August 15, 2020, Xiangpiaopiao sub-brand Meco launched sugar-free bottled milk tea in the Chinese market. 

This series contains three flavors, Matcha Latte, Peach Oolong and Hazelnut Milk Tea. 

These three sugar-free milk teas all use erythritol instead of granulated sugar for sweet flavor. Although they do not contain sugar, they still contain 47.3Kcal per 100ml because they contain fat and other ingredients that make it taste better. The capacity of a cup of Meco Milktea is 300ml, that is, it contains 141.9 Kcal. 

Xiangpiaopiao is a Chinese instant milk tea brand founded in 2005. It is famous for selling milk tea powder in cups. But in the past two years, due to the influence of the popularity of new fresh-made milk teas such as Xi Cha in China, Xiangpiaopiao is seeking transformation. 

Meco is one of its new brands, which mainly sells bottled pre-packaged milk tea to make up for the deficiency of instant milk tea. In addition to Meco, XiangPiaoPiao also has a sub-brand Lan Fong Yuen. 

After the rise of China’s sugar-free beverage giant Genki Forest, sugar-free drinks have risen rapidly in the Chinese market. This round of popular sugar-free drinks are mainly diet sodas, which are characterized by no longer trying to use sugar substitutes to imitate the taste of certain sugary drinks. This allows these beverage companies to create new experiences in taste. 

However, the sales logic of sugar-free milk tea is different, and they are mainly regarded as a healthy substitute for the new style of milk tea

In 2019, Genki Forest also launched sugar-free bottled milk tea. The series released a new latte flavor in 2020.