Recently, Three Squirrels released three independent developed fermented meat snacks in brand “sour pro” in Tmall’s flagship store. The new products use patented fermentation technology and claim to be slightly sour, refreshing and non-greasy in taste.

Catering to the increasingly mainstream health trend in China, “sour pro” focuses on low sugar and high protein. At present, there are three kinds of products: pickled pepper pork sausage, black pepper beef strips, and Orleans chicken breast. In the advertisement, Three Squirrels said “sour pro” is suitable for breakfast, substitute meals, fitness, snacks and other scenes.

The price of sour pro is 70 yuan, 120g, which is on the high side for meat products. Even if the current discount prices range from 21 yuan to 42 yuan (the prices of the three products are different,), sour pro is a more expensive meat snack.

In the comment area of Tmall’s flagship store, we see that this product is currently more controversial, with many consumers saying they are not used to the sour taste of the fermented meat, and many people trying to buy it out of curiosity.

At a time when artificial meat and plant meat have become hot, new real meat snacks may be able to brighten the eyes of consumers. But at the taste level, it will take time to see whether non-mainstream sour fermented meat can beat ordinary meat by virtue of health factors.

According to the 2019 financial report, Three Squirrels achieved a revenue of 10.194 billion yuan (about $1.47 billion USD) last year, making it the first company in China’s leisure snack industry to exceed 10 billion yuan in sales. As its brand name suggests, Three Squirrels’ best-selling product is nuts, but as the company grows, it also starts selling bread, twist, duck neck, candy and a variety of other snacks.



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