Recently, Naixue’s tea, a new Chinese brand of milk tea, announced that it would jointly launch cold brewing tea with Norwegian bottled water brand Voss.

According to the reports, the two sides will launch two types of cold tea, namely Gardenia Oolong Tea and Wintersweet Maofeng.

Gardenia Oolong Tea is based on Oolong Tea in South Fujian, with a little gardenia. Wintersweet Maofeng is a flower tea based on Sichuan Qionglai green tea and made from Chimonanthus praecox.

Voss mineral water was used for brewing both.

In China, there is a saying that “good tea with good water”. Naixue’s tea chooses to co name with Voss.

Naixue’s tea is one of the new styles of milk tea brands popular in China in recent years. Its main competitors are the Heytea and the Alley. The biggest difference between the new milk tea and the old milk tea is that it is made of fresh milk, fresh fruit, and fresh cheese, and almost no powdery seasoning is used except sugar.

In response to the impact of COVID-19 ‘s epidemic on store sales, China’s new milk tea is trying to enter the bottled beverage market. Earlier, HeyTea also launched its own sugar-free bubble water business.