On August 4th, Chinese nut brand Cha Cha launched a snack gift box linked with the designer toy series RiCO.

The gift box contains five kinds of snacks and a random RiCO toy. The snacks are caramel-flavored sunflower seeds, almond, spicy cashew nuts, chestnuts and cranberries. Accordingly, the design of RiCO toys included in this gift box is also based on these five snacks.

Each gift box contains only one RiCO toy, which means even if a consumer is extremely lucky, it still needs to buy at least five boxes to collect all of those.

The price of the gift box is 99 yuan ($14.20), with a limited sale of 10000 sets. Among them, the toy that based on spicy cashew nuts as a hidden model, has only a 10% chance of winning.

Cha Cha was once a well-known nut brand in China, famous for selling sunflower seeds. It has lagged behind its competitors, the Three Squirrels and Boutiques, in the past few years. In July, at Cha Cha’s annual launch, they announced that they would transform their e-commerce business and start producing snacks that young people will like.

The cooperation between Cha Cha and RiCO may be the embodiment of this strategy. RiCO designer toy series are designed by Korean designer RiCO based on herself and are popular in China. Although the official price of each toy is relatively low, because all toys are sold in limited quantities, some rare models have sold for as much as 4000 yuan (about $573) in the secondary market.

In recent years, designer toys have become very popular among young people in China, driving the growth of enterprises led by PopMart. In China, designer toys are mostly sold in blind boxes. This model is gambling in nature, and consumers can’t know which toy they will get before they buy it.

Many other types of enterprises have also begun to sell in the way of blind boxes to increase sales.