Chinese sugar-free beverage brand Genki Forest announced on Weibo that it will launch a new series called “full marks”(满分) on Aug. 31, 2020. The first drink in the series is a grapefruit-flavored soda. 

According to officials, the “full marks” series has two selling points. One is that it contains less air and tastes like fruit juice rather than soda. The second is that it contains additional vitamins to meet the nutritional needs of the human body for a day. In addition to the nutrition brought by the fruit juice itself, the beverage is also supplemented with vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, Zinc, and nicotinamide. 

"Full Marks" Grapefruit-Flavored Soda
“Full Marks” Grapefruit-Flavored Soda

But because it contains fruit juice, unlike most other drinks sold by Genki Forest, it is not sugar-free. According to the nutritional composition table, each bottle of “full marks” contains 167.96 kilocalories. 

Genki Forest, a sugar-free beverage rookie in China founded in 2016, has become popular in the Chinese market for selling “white peach-flavored sparkling water” and “burning tea”. It also owns the yogurt brand “Hokkai Pastures” and the functional beverage sub-brand “Alienergy“. 

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On the whole, it brings a new beverage experience to consumers by substituting sugar such as erythritol. Due to the change in consumption concept in the Chinese market, Genki Forest products are very popular. In order to meet market demand, the company set up its own factory this year.

But “full marks” is not its first series of sugary drinks. It launched a series of fruit teas as early as 2017, in which sugar also comes from natural juices.