Chinese nascent food brand Ramen Talk has launched a series of art noodles with the theme of famous paintings in cooperation with the National Gallery of Art. See the following figure for details:

Traditional spaghetti needs to be boiled for a long time, which is not in line with the positioning of Ramen Talk as convenience food, so Ramen Talk uses handmade fresh noodles instead of spaghetti to launch the above products, users only need to cook noodles for 5 minutes.

Ramen Talk will make the above products into a gift box, which will go on sale on August 28th with a limited edition of 3000 copies. In addition, Ramen Talk also opened a time-limited offline experience store from August 25 to August 30 to sell the above products.

Ramen Talk is one of the emerging Chinese brands that have grown rapidly in the convenience fast food track in recent years. The company entered the market in 2016 with Japanese-style instant noodles, starting with e-commerce. Different from traditional instant noodles, Ramen Talk noodles are semi-dry fresh noodles, internal food packages are packaged separately, and the variety is more abundant, with an average shelf life of about 60 days.

Ramen Talk products have more than 20 regular flavors and are also sold in offline channels such as Freshippo and Famliy Mart, with prices ranging from 12 yuan to 20 yuan.

Ramen Talk believes that its advantage is to fill the gap in the market. The taste of its products is better than that of traditional instant noodles, but the price is much cheaper than takeout. But if you look at it from another angle, it is that the taste is not as good as takeout, but it is more expensive than traditional instant noodles. So this is not an advantage of Ramen Talk. More analysts believe that the brand has hit a new market where more young people live and eat alone, adding a “one-person” option for young people with strong spending power.

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