HeyTea announced the new product on its official Wechat account on July 12, Beijing time. The new product is called “Xixiaocha” (which means the tiny HeyTea), a new kind of carbonated drink.

Several new products are related to HeyTea’s original offline milk tea: grape and green tea, grapefruit and green tea, peach and oolong tea, which are the three flavors of the new products.

Unlike milk tea which is high in sugar, fat, and calories, HeyTea’s three soda products all have zero-sugar, zero-fat and zero-calorie slogans, claiming to be “HeyTea who won’t get fat if you drink.” In addition, HeyTea claims that the new products are rich in dietary fiber and are healthy drinks.

The above products will be sold at HeyTea stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, HeyTea department stores, HeyTea Tmall’s official flagship store, and seven-eleven convenience store in Guangdong from July 12. Some FamilyMart convenience stores in China will begin to sell on July 16. From July 18, HeyTea JD.com ‘s own flagship store, FRESHIPPO Shanghai and Guangdong stores will start selling.

During the Covid-19 epidemic, most offline catering enterprises suffered a certain degree of impact, more or less revenue decline. In addition to actively developing takeout business, selling new products on the e-commerce platform has also become a choice for many large enterprises.

HeyTea is a famous emerging tea company in China, which was founded in 2012 and established the brand name “HeyTea” in 2015. After entering the Shanghai and Beijing markets in 2017, HeyTea has become a representative enterprise of the new generation of tea in China and has quickly established a fashionable and delicious brand image among young people.

Genki Forest is a particularly successful beverage brand in Chinese shopping festivals. Genki Forest ranked second in the beverage category in the 2019 Singles Day Shopping Festival. The main reason for Genki Forest’s success is the delicate balance between taste and health. Its two main drinks, fruit-flavored sparkling water, and tea were health products with low energy and low artificial additives-and now HeyTea is starting to launch products with this feature.