On May 25th, Chinese emerging beverage brand, Genki Forest, launched a new energy drink sub-brand, known as “alienergy”, on its newly opened Tmall store.

The new drink continues the symbolic low-calorie of Genki Forest while adding the functionality of energy drinks. In the promotion, Genki Forest said that the new energy drink has the following characteristics: zero sugar, zero fat, no artificial colors, no hormones, refreshing, delicious, no gaining weight anxiousness.

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Usually, energy drinks are high in sugar in order to provide essential nutritions, and artificial colors are often added to improve products` appearance. Coffee with milk and sugar can also be energized and refreshing, but it is also too high in calories. Genki Forest seized on these problems in the existing market and launched an energy drink with a “healthy” selling point at the right time.

Alienengy will have three flavors: classic (mixed fruit), Madai tea, and ginger. Genki Forest claims that the each bottle has only one third calories of an apple, yet the product helps refresh and concentrate. The drink was sold at a promotional price in Tmall from May 25 to May 27. Official said this was tantamount to providing the promotional price for the “618 Shopping Festival” in advance. When there is no promotion, the price of the drink will be 179.9 yuan per 24 cans.

Genki Forest is a particularly successful beverage brand in Chinese shopping festivals. It ranked second in the beverage category in the 2019 Singles Day Shopping Festival. In fact, this Chinese beverage brand, which gets a Japanese name and packaging, has rapidly grown into a large company that values4 billion yuan in the past three years.

The main reason for Genki Forest’s success is the delicate balance between taste and health. Its two main products, fruit-flavored sparkling water, and tea, are with low energy and low artificial additives. The launch of alienergy is a continuation of Genki Forest’s health strategy.

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