Summer is the hot season for iced milk tea, and milk tea shops of various brands generally choose to update their menus in summer. China’s new style milk tea brand Heytea is no exception. 

Heytea updated its summer menu on Aug. 19, adding two milk teas with coconut as the main flavor, both of which are available only in the summer.

 One of them is based on coconut milk, with coconut smoothies, coconut milk jelly and coconut Boba, to give people a complete coconut taste experience. 

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Another coconut milk tea adds a whole layer of mango flesh to the above-mentioned milk tea. 

HeyTea is a new style Chinese milk tea brand founded in 2015. In addition to the Chinese mainland, it has also opened stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and other regions. It revived the popularity of milk tea, an ancient drink in Asia, and created a new concept of milk tea. 

The difference between the new style milk tea and the classic milk tea is that it uses more fresh and strange ingredients, such as all kinds of fruits, biscuits, rice cakes, sesame paste and so on. As a result, the classic milk tea brand has been hit.

Chinese consumers generally love coconuts, and there is a company specializing in making coconut milk in China’s beverage industry for 32 years. As a sweet food, coconut has low sugar content and is more in line with the health concept of young consumers. Although coconuts are very popular with consumers, coconuts are not very common in Chinese food and beverages because coconuts are not produced in most parts of China. 

As a seasonal menu of milk tea, coconut is an excellent theme. Heytea’s main competitor in China, Naixue’s Tea, also launched coconut-flavored milk tea. Unlike Heytea, Nai Xue’s coconut milk tea uses a combination of coconut and pineapple to mimic the taste of the classic cocktail “pina colada”.

Luckin Coffee, a Chinese coffee chain, has also launched a coconut-flavored drink in its series that mimics Frappuccino. 

Constantly updating the menu is one of the main competitiveness of new milk tea brands. In addition to coconut, another popular ingredient in China’s milk tea market this year is wine.

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