On Aug. 19, the first day of the 23rd Asian Pet Show, PETKIT held the autumn 2020 launch of new products, releasing seven pet appliances, two new pet foods, and a pet care brand.

The pet products released by PETKIT include: PETKIT intelligent automatic cat toilet, PETKIT intelligent planetary feeder, PETKIT streamer telescopic rope MAX,PETKIT flying fish cat crawler, PETKIT pineapple nest, PETKIT bullet teasing cat stick, etc.; at the same time, the first aquarium product, “Origin” intelligent fish tank.

In terms of pet food, following the launch of high-end dog food “Xiao Xiandou” F70 in July, the release of mid-range dog food “Xiao Xiandou” F60 and mid-high-end cat food “Xiao Xiandou” M80.

The new brand Snowii mainly engages in pet care. SPA water bath physiotherapy tank and SPA water bath physiotherapy machine are launched for pet stores, as well as 12 kinds of bath products.

At the launch, PETKIT combed through some of the key products in the seven years since its inception, as follows:

In 2014, smart cat tags and smart dog tags were released to make owners pay more attention to the subtle changes of their pets through big data’s analysis.

In 2015, the intelligent antibacterial bowl was put on the market, through the background input of the nutritional composition of each grain and pet exercise data, showing a reasonable amount of recommended feeding, combined with the weighing function of the bowl, to achieve healthy pet feeding.

In 2016, intelligent drinking fountains were launched to increase the amount of water intake of cats through live water, thereby reducing urinary system diseases.

In 2017, a smart feeder was launched to help busy owners give their pets a regular and healthy diet.

In 2018, a pet hospital was set up to provide late-night emergency services.

In 2019, TA Shanghai and other public welfare organizations launched a stray cat nest public welfare program to care for stray cats.

The new products released this year are as follows:

PETKIT intelligent automatic cat toilet: top large terrace design, compatible with tofu sand, bentonite, mixed sand, anti-clamping cat design, built-in deodorization module, APP remote control, data monitoring, filter inner tube can be disassembled and cleaned separately.

PETKIT intelligent planetary feeder: support double dry grain, integrated grain delivery engine, anti-sticking system, bottom weighing sensor, hidden fresh-keeping grain outlet, voice feeding, top cover child lock design, grain delivery components can be removed and washed.

PETKIT play cat stick: left-handed interface design can prevent long-term play loose, wave styling play, interesting sound bell, round and comfortable grip, three kinds of cat stick replacement head (feather, tail, feather ball).

PETKIT flying fish cat climbing rack: sharpening claws, climbing, teasing and other multiple games, selecting natural high-quality sisal with long-lasting scratching, stable solid wood base, easy installation and anti-skid bottom.

PETKIT pineapple nest: interesting pineapple shape, wear-resistant chenille fabric, inner pad available on both sides, bottom plastic anti-skid.

PETKIT streamer telescopic traction rope MAX: rope length from 3m to 4.5m, internal structure upgrade, new magnetic contact charging base, front spotlight headlamp.

“Origin” intelligent fish tank: simple design, ultra-white high-definition glass material, with intelligent lighting control system and multi-channel filtering system, equipped with jump light heat dissipation module, adjustable spray oxygen module, light adjustment ring touch button, support one button to change water, and with non-induction power three plug adapter. There are also two sets of artistic landscaping options to choose from.

In terms of pet food, M80 cat food with more than 80% animal protein and F60 dog food with only 10% fat were launched. In August 2018, PETKIT launched the “food chain” pet food project, formed a team from September to October of the same year, and launched the research and development of a series of “Xiao Xiandou” products; from July to November 2019, the “food chain” factory was started to complete within three months; the research and development of three formulations of “Xiao Xiandou” was completed in 2020; and the traceability system was launched in May. In June, “Xiao Xiandou” dog food F70 was first launched and exhibited at the Chengdu Pet Expo and Shenzhen Pet Exhibition in July.

Xiao Xiandou F70 uses whole pieces of raw meat, animal offal and vegetables as raw materials. At present, there are two flavors of chicken + fish and chicken + beef.

Xiao Xiandou F60 dog food is made by low-temperature fresh cooking process, human grade can be traced to the source of meat, and the fat content in the product formula is only 10%, which helps to alleviate the problem of pet dog obesity. At present, there are two flavors: duck + krill and chicken + fish.

Xiao Xiandou M80 cat food is a freshly cooked staple food designed for cats. This is a fresh boiled food that can replenish water for pet cats with up to 60% water. It uses high-quality human ingredients such as chicken, beef, tuna and so on. Animal protein is more than 80%. At present, there are two kinds of flavors: chicken + fish and chicken + beef.

As for the new brand Snowii, it mainly provides cleaning tools and supplies for B-end pet stores, such as:

SPA water bath physiotherapy tub: a built-in 16cm adjustable pedal and waist protection module are designed to help protect the pet beautician’s waist.

SPA water bath physiotherapy machine: with automatic constant temperature function, the water temperature can be controlled at 38 ℃, which is the most friendly to pet hair and skin, positive and negative can be adjusted; at the same time, it can meet the needs of SPA spa and water blowing, realizing one machine to meet the functions of two equipment; using mute design to relieve the tension of pet bath.

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