On August 11, 2020, Adidas announced the launch of a joint sneaker with Chinese milk tea brand HeyTea.

The sneakers belong to Adidas Originals’s A-ZX series. The series was born to commemorate the XZ series launched in 1984, and 26 styles representing different periodic are planned for the period 2020-2021.

This sneaker, which works with Heytea, is based on the ZX 7000 and occupies the Ht position in the periodic table of the A-ZX series. It takes pink purple as the main tone, with white translucent decoration, the overall design is full of mild. On the shoe tongue, there is a Logo of HeyTea instead of an Adidas.

This color match is inspired by HeyTea’s signature drink “Very Grape Cheezo”. This is an iced drink based on green tea with Kyoho Grape and cheese milk lid. It is one of the highest-selling beverages in the early days of HeyTea.

Very Grape Cheezo

HeyTea is a new style milk tea brand founded in 2015, renamed from Royal Tea. As of December 31, 2019, it has 390 stores worldwide. It is also considered to be the founder of the new style of milk tea.

Unlike the classic HK Style and bubble milk teas, which are popular in Greater China in recent years, New style milk teas are made with creative recipes using more fresh ingredients such as fresh milk, fruits, Oreo biscuits and sticky cakes.

In the past year alone, HeyTea and its competitor Naxue’s Tea have added more than 500 stores.