On June 1, bilibili announced that it planed to launch a remote sensing satellite called “Bilibili Video Satellite” in late June this year, and the video and picture data obtained by the satellite would be used for the Bilibili science channel.

Bilibili explained that the satellite was a special gift at International Children’s Day to all people with exploring spirit, encouraging people to keep their childlike innocence, remain curious, and continue to explore the bigger world.

It is reported that the Bilibili satellite was shipped to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on May 11 this year, and the pre-launch test preparations is progressing smoothly. If launched successfully, the satellite may become the first spacecraft customized by an Internet company for popularizing science purpose in China.

Bilibili is the leader of the emerging bullet-screen websites in China. Bilibili was founded after AcFun, but unlike AcFun, bilibili, it is no longer a minority, but develops smoothly all the way, and has become one of the mainstream video websites in China. The early content of bilibili is mainly animation, comics, and games, and it is considered that the users as a whole are relatively young. But after gradually becoming a mainstream video site, bilibili has greatly broadened its scope of content, from the early ACG to now more diversified, bilibili through traffic support to train many new video writers in different fields.

The controversy over bilibili focuses on its unstable brand image. Since the transformation from ACG to now, bilibili still retains a considerable degree of ACG culture, which inevitably makes some users and other cooperative enterprises feel inappropriate. In addition, due to the young bilibili users, the Chinese government has more strict censorship of its content standards, which also makes the creative atmosphere of bilibili less free. Moreover, because bilibili operates some well-known games such as Fate/Grand Order, many debates about video games in China have also brought some trouble to bilibili.

The launch of a popular science video satellite is a new attempt by bilibili to develop diversified content. By increasing the objective and neutral content of science education, the content and brand image of bilibili are expected to become more mainstream and positive in China.