On May 29th, Asian pop singer Jay Chou opened an account at Kuaishou, a very popular short video platform in China. His first social media account is Instagram, this Kuaishou account is Jay Chou’s second social media account, and the first Chinese social media account. Currently, Jay Chou`s Kuaishou account have been authenticated, although no content was published, followers continue to grow rapidly. Kuaishou director said that Jay Chou and Kuaishou would have more cooperation early next month.

Jay Chou was China’s top star 20 years ago, with first-tier influential lasting over 10 years. Even today, Jay Chou is still the most representative pop singers, whose songs are played over 10 billion times in QQ music. Other music platforms like Kugoo Kuwo, he also has the highest statistic data.

Jay Chou has some public events every year, including publishing new albums, but the quality and quantity of his songs were obviously decreased compared with his early career, as a result, even at present, his most popular songs were those created during that period. Jay Chou is a creative singer who also writes songs for many other Chinese stars beside his own. He also has some achievements in other fields such as movies, but after his semi-retirement, Jay Chou has been seen a significant reduction in public activity.

Kuaishou is one of China’s largest short video social platforms. Its users are mainly from China and less well-known overseas compared to Tik-Tok. Unlike TikTok`s fashion elements, Kuaishou has more active users living in small cities and rural areas in China and its overall content style is more native. Therefore, there are also comments which argue that Kuaishou shows more primitive, natural, and true China than TikTok.

Kuaishou has always been at disadvantage in the competition with TikTok — its user growth has been slower than TikTok in recent years, more crucially, Kuaishou lacks users in large cities and wealthy southern districts. Collaborating with Jay Chou might help Kuaishou gain more urban users and increase Kuaishou’s “fashion” element.