Wahaha, a famous Chinese beverage brand, held a press conference on December 1st and released more than 20 new products, focusing on nutrition, children, sugar-free, Chinese traditional health care and so on.

“Nutrition Express” is a yoghurt drink established by Wahaha in 2005. Because of proper marketing, it has become a beverage product with cumulative sales of more than 10 billion yuan, once accounting for about 1/4 of Wahaha Group’s turnover. But with the passage of time, Nutrition Express has become an old and outdated brand. Wahaha has launched a new nutritious breakfast, mainly composed of milk, whole grains and nuts, and contains less sugar than traditional drinks.

Wahaha has also launched liquid cheese drinks for children. Wahaha has always attached great importance to the children’s market in terms of product style and marketing strategy, but it is relatively late to launch special children’s nutritional drinks.

In the Chinese market, which pays more and more attention to health, sugar-free beverages have obviously become the focus of beverage manufacturers. Since Genki Forest has achieved great success, major beverage brands have launched their own sugar-free sparkling drinks, and Wahaha is no exception. In fact, Wahaha launched soda drinks 10 years ago, but it has never become a best-selling product.

In addition to catering to young people’s concepts of low sugar, no sugar and no additives, Wahaha has also developed a new ready-to-eat health porridge for middle-aged and elderly customers. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, some medicines have been added to the porridge, which is said to not only make consumers full, but also make them healthier.

It is worth mentioning that in August this year, the brand KellyOne, founded by Zong Fuli, the daughter of Wahaha founder Zong Qinghou, also launched a new sparkling Water drink. As for Wahaha itself, this slightly old-fashioned brand has been questioned for a long time since it launched a new best-selling product after “Nutrition Express”. It seems that Wahaha intends to change this situation next year.