Recently, ByteDance has set up an offline diagnosis and treatment facility called “PINECONE CLINIC” in Beijing.

APP shows that the, PINECONE CLINIC affiliated company is Beijing Pine Cone outpatient Department Co., Ltd., which was established on June 11, 2020 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan and the legal representative is Zheng Qingyin. It is reported that, PINECONE CLINIC is a high-end modern comprehensive medical institution with online and offline services such as medical treatment, prevention and health management. Its service functions mainly focus on internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, general practice, stomatology, dermatology, traditional Chinese medicine, health management and so on. 

Compared with public hospitals, the types of PINECONE CLINIC departments are less, but the existing departments have a higher professional level.

Beijing Pinecone outpatient Department Co., Ltd. is 100% owned by Beijing Pine Cone Medical Co., Ltd. According to the enterprise check APP, the company is the 1024 co-founded by Wu Haifeng and Sun Wenyu. According to public documents, Wu Haifeng and Sun Wenyu are former Baidu executives who joined ByteDance a few months ago. As a result, 1024 has also become a subsidiary of ByteDance, and Wu Haifeng is now the head of ByteDance’s Internet medical business. This shows that the two men cooperated with ByteDance to set up this offline diagnosis and treatment facility.

Private offline clinics are not a very mature business in China, and large capital is often involved in this area, but the results are limited so far. The commentary believes that the investment logic mainly attaches importance to the long-term nature of the medical field, hoping to do a good job of accumulation as soon as possible and wait for opportunities to focus on growth in the future.

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