On the afternoon of August 2, Tencent Video held the annual new product conference. Among the dozens of online drama plans announced together, “The Three-Body Problem” is particularly eye-catching. In the currently published list of The Three-Body Problem acting staff, Bai Yicong is the screenwriter, Yang Lei is the director, Zhang Luyi, Yu Hewei, Chen Jin, Wang Ziwen and Lin Yongjian are starring.

Although Liu Cixin’s “The Three-Body Problem” became the first Chinese science fiction to win the Hugo Award five years ago, the film and television adaptation has been slow. In the past five years, the film and television works of “The Three-Body Problem” have been officially released three times in various channels, whether in movies or TV dramas. Unfortunately, there has been no news of the first two adaptations so far, not only the work has not been published, but also the plan itself has not been mentioned. The third time led by Tencent Video also worried the audience.

Some commentators believe that this TV version of “The Three-Body Problem” is a “resurrection”. On the afternoon of the 2nd, Tencent Video held a new product press conference, and the official Weibo of the TV series “The Three-Body Problem” also released its first message to promote it. For the first time, the content of the promotion was a poster, and the information of the acting staff was also published on the poster. According to the information on the poster, the roles and leading roles of The Three-Body Problem are assigned as follows: Zhang Luyi plays Wang Miao, Yu Hewei plays Shi Qiang, Chen Jin and Wang Ziwen play old and young Ye Wenjie respectively, and Chang Weisi and Shen Yufei are played by Lin Yongjian and Li Xiaoran respectively. At the same time, it is reported that this edition of “The Three-Body Problem” is written by a well-known screenwriter Bai Yicong, and directed by Yang Lei, who once directed “Chuang Guandong 2”.

In the filming and filing publicity system of the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, there are two filming records for the TV series “The Three-Body Problem”, the latest of which was in May last year. It is more likely that the story outline of this filing will be used in The Three-Body Problem, which has just been released today. The outline of the story is as follows:

In 2005, the earth’s basic science research appeared abnormal disturbance, many scientists committed suicide, a mysterious game “The Three-Body Problem” appeared. Wang Miao, a nanoscientist, was taken to the Earth Joint Operations Center by police officer Shi Qiang and sneaked into an organization called “Scientific Boundary” to assist in the investigation. In the meantime, Wang Miao discovered a mysterious organization called ETO, which was led by Ye Wenjie, the mother of Yang Dong, a scientist who committed suicide. Wang Miao also found in the investigation that the world in the game “The Three-Body Problem” is real. The trisomy galaxy is on the brink of a life-and-death struggle with earthlings.

The first film and television of “The Three-Body Problem” took place even before the original novel won the Hugo Award. In the first half of 2015, Shanghai YooZoo Film (which is still the copyright owner of the film and television adaptation rights for “The Three-Body Problem”) announced the production of a film of the same name. Starring Feng Shaofeng, Zhang Jingchu, Wu Gang, Tang Yan, du Chun, Zhang Han, etc. However, in June of the following year, it came the news that the project had been postponed indefinitely, and it has been fruitless so far.

The second film and television launch of “The Three-Body Problem” took place shortly after the postponement of the film version. At that time, the producer CiWen Media announced the news of the start of the TV series, and “The Three-Body Problem” also appeared as a weekly drama at Hunan Satellite TV’s 2016 Advertising Merchants Association, but to no avail.

Liu Cixin, the author of the original novel, has not had high expectations for the film and television of “The Three-Body Problem”. Liu Cixin, who attended the Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Awards in Chongqing in 2018 and 2019, mentioned in interviews that it is very difficult to film and television science fiction, including “The Three-Body Problem”.