Maiden Holmes, jointly produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and Hakim Unique Media Group, was released on Tencent Video on August 27, 2020. It was later broadcast on WeTV, an overseas version of Tencent Video, and has been viewed tens of millions of times.

Maiden Holmes tells a story of the girl detective Su Ci, who disguised herself as a man and went to the capital alone to find out the truth about the destruction of her family. On her way, Su Ci meets Pei Zhao, who is incredibly intelligent, Xie Bei Ming, the young master of Fei Yun Manor, Dong Ru Shuang, who is good at poison, and Fei Yuan, a young housekeeper, etc. They form a detective team to solve cases together.

The drama received a 6.9 rating on Douban, with 5,894 comments. That’s not bad scor for a Chinese online series.

However, many people still gave low scores on Douban. They criticized that the heroine was always in a weak position in the play, which was inconsistent with her “genius detective” character.

The show is directed by Budding Chinese director Xiaojiang Li, who was born in 1972 and graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. He previously directed Chef Hua, another Chinese online series. The screenplay of Maiden Holmes is written by the female Chinese scriptwriter Ying Liu. She once participated in the creation of the Chinese love comedy Nice to Meet You.


Unlike its lesser-known director and screenwriter, the cast of the show is quite luxurious. Chinese actress Sebrina (Chen Yao) stars as Su Ci. She was known to Chinese audiences for her character in the 2016 Chinese urban idol drama So Young, after that, she played a role in the fantasy TV series Wu Xin The Monster Killer. She has played the role of a woman disguised as a man in several TV series, which makes her role of Su Ci in this TV series very handy.

With her popularity, Chen yao became the spokesperson for Armani lipstick and Dior lipstick in China in 2018.

Linghe Zhang in the drama

The lead actor of Maiden Holmes, Pei Zhao, is played by Linghe Zhang, a young Chinese actor born in 1997. This is his first work. However, his two other Chinese romantic comedies, Sparkle Love And Me And My Youth, will also be released soon.

Jiading Zhang,Yizhe Wang,Yi Huang,Minxin Zhu,Han Xu,Ye Zhang and other young Chinese actors have also played major roles in Maiden Holmes.

Popularity curve

According to the record from the Chinese film and television data platform Maoyan, Maiden Holmes has been played over 280 million times in China. Its heat peaked on August 28, the second day of the release. However, it did not win the broadcast champion of Chinese series on that day. The family drama Go Ahead, which is invested and shot by Mango TV, has higher popularity than Maiden Holmes due to broadcast on both online platforms and TV at the same time.

According to information, Maiden Holmes was started shooting in May 2019, and the whole series was finished in August 2019. As mentioned above, Maiden Holmes has achieved a very good result for such a short shooting cycle. According to analysts, it will bring a good return on investment for its investor, the Penguin Pictures.

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