On August 3, 2020, Shanghai Youhug Media announced at its annual press conference that it would cooperate with an E-sports company of Tencent to shoot the “League of heroes” theme TV series.

The play is not a cartoon, but a TV series starring human actors. The main story of the TV series is the contestant e-sports of “League of Legends”, not the game plot of “League of Legends”. According to officials, the TV series is tentatively scheduled for three seasons and will be broadcast within five years. But they didn’t say when the first season will be released.

League of Legends Pro League is the top occupation competition of the Chinese mainland. In 2018 and 2019, the teams IG, FPX from LPL were respectively promoted from League of Legends World Championship Series to become more popular in the Chinese mainland.

In 2019, the Go Go Squid, a major e-Play theme TV series, was successfully achieved in Chinese mainland, which made many film companies start to pay attention to this theme.

But there is a lot of risk in shooting TV series based on LPL. Because most of the audience of LPL are fans of one of the teams, if one of them is the protagonist to tell the story, other fans will be lost. If the show creates a virtual team, it may reduce its appeal to the audience.