DAY ZERO, a documentary produced by Tencent Group and Tencent Pictures, will launch its global releasment and distribution at the Cannes International Television Festival in France on October 14.

The film focuses on the global water shortage crisis. The shooting team spent three years, across the world, visiting the field conditions of people at the forefront of water conservation. “DAY ZERO” was initiated by David Wallerstein, chief explorer of Tencent, directed by Emmy winner Kevin Sim, and co-produced by British independent production company Keo Films and Icelandic OoS Pictures.

“DAY ZERO” means the day when water resources are exhausted. The documentary “DAY ZERO” describes the urgent situation of water scarcity in many parts of the world, such as the water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa in 2018, the huge negative impact of deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil on global water supplies, and the alarming rate of water depletion caused by extensive farming in the Midwest of the United States.

The team interviewed a number of international and regional water resources research experts, ranchers and park rangers. The film combines the personal feelings of the interviewees with scientific research data, and reveals the neglected but imminent global water crisis from different levels and angles. The film calls on global residents, especially young people, to pay attention to the protection of water resources. According to the data released by UN-Habitat, one fifth of the global population is living in areas with severe water shortages, and this proportion is expected to rise to a quarter by 2050.

“Last year, Tencent upgraded its mission vision to ‘Value for Users, Tech for Good’. We believe that the use of science and technology to promote the sustainable development of human society is not only the best annotation of the Tech for Good Initiative, but also the greatest goodwill of mankind towards the earth. ” Project sponsor and executive producer David Wallerstein said, “So we decided to start shooting DAY ZERO, from Cape Town in Africa to the Amazon in South America, to really understand the state of water resources on the planet. The impact of human behavior and climate change on the world is gradually being understood, and it is hoped that this film will become an important step in the ongoing discussion on water resources, human behavior and climate change. “

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