Recently, Reuters reported that the believed unpopular Tencent version of Nintendo Switch, has sold more than 1 million units in China.

Nintendo Switch has shipped 1 million Chinese mainland units since its debut in China in December 2019, Tencent Holdings said on Monday. The department of Nintendo which cooperates with Tencent is also rumored to be celebrating.

Market research firm Niko Partners says the data shows that Nintendo has overtaken Microsoft and Sony to become the top-selling console maker in the Chinese mainland last year. Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad revealed that the total sales of Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One in the Chinese market failed to reach 1 million units in the same period of time.

Due to the limited number of games, Switch was relatively slow at the beginning of its launch in China. However, the launch of the Chinese version of “Ring Fit Adventure” in August last year boosted sales of Switch in China.

But players who are familiar with China all know that, in fact, the sales of Switch in China do not really rely on the Tencent version. Tencent has launched 13 games on Switch, which is too small to attract real gamers. In China, many Switch have become gifts, and even many Switch only tied with “Ring Fit Adventure”.

By contrast, players who really like Nintendo, games and Switch will buy the smuggled version rather than the Tencent version. This is an embarrassing reality.