According to the official website of DNF mobile games, the countdown to announce of  DNF mobile game’s launch time has been only 2 days. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to play the game in two days, but according to the hint on the page, the launch date it announced will be this summer.

This means that the DNF mobile game which many players have been looking forward since 2015 has finally come out five years later.

DNF (Dungeon & Fighter) is one of the traditional online games on PC, developed by NEOPLE, a South Korean online game company, and launched in South Korea in August 2005. Then, in 2008, it was released by Tencent in China. DNF is a revenue miracle of PC games, which has occupied the top three of PC games revenue for more than a decade, and the revenue is still quite good with obvious decline in recent years.

Tencent announced that it would start the production of DNF mobile games in 2015, but in the following years, it only produced a poor-quality mobile game, which was launched in 2017 and went offline in the same year. In the same year, Kaiyingwangluo, a Chinese company, produced a mobile game that heavily imitated DNF in various aspects. It was once a success but quickly got caught up in a lawsuit against Tencent. As the result of losing, the company paid huge compensation, and the game ceased operation in 2019.

The failure of Kaiyingwangluo shows the huge income-generating ability of DNF mobile games. June this year marks the 12th anniversary of the operation of DNF in China. Tencent has also made full preparations to release the mobile version at this moment.

DNF is no longer a very fashionable game in China. In the live broadcast industry, few anchors will pay attention to and the number of well-known anchors related to the game is also very small. Although DNF still maintains good revenue, it is difficult to expect this 12-year-old game to create new miracle again.

The competitiveness of this game is unknown.  Nevertheless, the mobile version is highly similar to the PC, the development cost should not be high. It can be expected that DNF mobile games will at least be financially successful.