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Tencent is by far the world’s largest mobile gaming company.

Traditionally, the company holds its annual game conference (known as up Conference) in March, at which Tencent releases all game-related information for the next one to two years.

Due to the epidemic, this year’s Up Conference was not held as scheduled. Last weekend (the Dragon Boat Festival holiday), Tencent Online held their annual game launch event this year.

At the conference, Tencent announced new information about more than 40 games. This includes a large number of new products that have not been launched. In addition, Ma Xiaoyi, senior vice President of Tencent, Shared in her speech many of the businesses and cooperation that are being promoted.

For example, Tencent is cooperating with more than 100 game manufacturers and studios on the “Global technology sharing Platform”. Tencent is working with Chinese universities to launch a game talent training mechanism. And Tencent will be the new online game community platform.

Of course, the focus is still on dozens of new products (by “new” I mean games that haven’t officially launched in China yet).

The following is a summary of the press conference. Some games are marked in Chinese because they do not have an English name.

Three new serious games

At the press conference, Tencent announced three new functional games, “Putonghua Town”(普通话小镇), “A Song of Eternal Happiness”(画镜长恨歌) and “Health Protection War”(健康保卫战), to present the humanistic significance and social value of the game from the three aspects of paying attention to social welfare, inheriting traditional culture and enhancing public health awareness.

Moonlight Blade Mobile Game

The Moonlight Blade PC Game and mobile Game have jointly announced new developments, and the mobile version of the Game will be ready for large-scale final testing in August.

Meanwhile, the game is launching a series of versions related to traditional Chinese culture:

  • The “Tianyi Hua Chang Project”(天衣华裳), which recreates traditional Chinese clothing in the game, will launch version 2.0;
  • The game will create “music and dance”(乐舞) series with Dunhuang, The Imperial Palace and war drum.
  • It cooperates with Tsinghua University and Hongshilin Resort, Furong Town, West Hunan to build a physical home, “Heavenly Clothing Hospital”(天衣别院).

The Great Ruler: The Boundless Universe

The Great Ruler: The Boundless Universe(《大主宰:大千世界》) is an mobile online game adapted from a novel of The same name by a famous online writer. The game will restore the “big world” created in its fantasy works through plot supplement and real scenes. Xiao Yan, Lin Dong, Mu Chen and other familiar characters will appear; The game contains more than 20 RACES and forces, combined with “endless PVP” gameplay, can achieve 100,000 people at the same service.

Metal Slug Code J

“Metal Slug Code J” is a mobile game authorized by SNK. Developed by Tencent’s TIMI Studio Group. As the new mobile game in the Metal Slug series, the game recreates the art style of the original Metal Slug and will introduce new gameplay and modes. In addition to the improved graphics, the game’s controls will be smoother and its interactions with the environment more varied.

the World of The Legend of Qin

The World of the Legend of Qin has announced that it will launch large-scale tests in July and official launch for full platform by 2020. After one year’s polishing, mobile game has upgraded its quality in character modeling, scene construction and plot presentation. At the same time, mobile game will also link the sixth season of the same name animation, extend a more rich “qin universe”.

Love – light and night

Aurora Studios developed love-light and night for mobile game. This is The first Otome-Game developed by Tencent itself.

This work is mainly composed by famous composer Youshu Lin, and Japanese musicians Asami Tachibana and Moeki Harada participate in it. Takahiro Omori, the Japanese executive producer of classics such as Natsume’s Book of Friends, has been announced to join the company as a consultant.

Under the plan(宏图之下)

“Uunder the Plan” is a big world sand table strategic mobile game developed by Zulong Entertainment and represented by Tencent. It is built by Unreal engine 4. The game revolves around the concept of “immersive real war of the three Kingdoms” and creates a 4 million grid sand table, which supports thousands of people on the same screen. Players as a vassal separatist party, can use the weather and terrain to create a battle advantage, flexibly adjust the formation, control the overall situation.


“Dreamland” is a round-based RPG mobile game made using Unreal engine 4. Developed by Zulong Entertainment and represented by Tencent. This work was developed by the original team of Dream Jade Dynasty for several years. On the basis of round play, it combines the world views of seven overhead ancient civilizations, multi-dimensional customization of pets, and realistic community interaction with new concepts.

Noah’s Heart 

The RPG mobile game “Noah’s Heart” with the theme of universe exploration is developed by Zulong Entertainment and issued by Tencent Games. With the help of the performance and expressiveness of Unreal engine 4, the game has created a seamless spherical continuous map, broke through the professional restrictions of traditional MMORPG, and developed a freer play system. “Noah’s Heart” will also present a realistic planetary ecology through a high-degree-of-freedom open world, round-the-clock rotation and weather change system.

Mobile Game of Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain

This game is adapted by comics and animation of the same name. While restoring animation, the game adds a variety of hidden plots and random events. The game’s seasonal approach will give players GM privileges. At the same time, the planning team will invite players to co-create and insert high-quality content into the game.

Mobile Game of Yaoguai Mingdan

Mobile Game of Yaoguai Mingdan is a tower defense mobile game based on Tencent Animation and Comic’s works of the same name. The game sets a highly restored art style of Chinese-style animation, with the character collection and cultivation to participate in the tower defense battle as the main method of play. The game is currently open for full-platform booking and will be launched in the summer without deleting files.

Komori Life

“Komori Life” is Tencent’s first “healing style pastoral life simulation mobile game”. An interesting social interaction system is designed so that players can explore the unknown new world with friends without having to operate on their own. “Komori Life” is now open for full-platform appointments, and a limited edition test will be launched this summer.

Street Fighter : battle (街头霸王:对决)

On the basis of inheriting the classic, the action card mobile game “Street Fighter: battle” authorized by the genuine CAPCOM restores the Street Fighter character style and replicates the original experience.

The new combat system adds real-time QTE combo play and introduces a common combat mechanism. Players can start a war and cooperate to break through at any time. The game will start a new round of testing in July.

Shin Sangoku Musou: tyrant (真·三国无双:霸)

The game is officially authorized by Glory Tekumo of Japan and produced under the supervision of the original team. As a mobile game work of “Shin Sangoku Musou” classic host IP, the game takes “one person against thousands of horses” as the core concept, restoring the combat experience in the original game. At the same time, the game also added personal cities, multi-player dungeons and other new ways of playing. The game opened a full-platform reservation at the press conference.

Walnut Diary(胡桃日记)

“Walnut Diary” is described as “emoji girls raising mobile games”. The game is completely synchronized with the real world time, and players can participate in the schedule, costume matching and cabin layout of the young girl “Walnut” in the game. You can also date and travel with walnuts. With the improvement of the relationship with walnut, players can unlock more interesting emojis DIY play. The game has now opened an omni-channel reservation.

Bit Big Bang(比特大爆炸)

“Bit Big Bang”, developed by the original team of “Thunder fighter”, is a 3D flight shooting mobile game. “Bit Big Bang” has been upgraded in the traditional flight shooting experience, the box can form a multi-theme level, and the barrage can be designed with different patterns. The platform-wide booking activity of the game has been officially launched.

The Journey of Tetris (俄罗斯方块环游记)

“The Journey of Tetris” is the only authentic Tetris mobile game in Chinese mainland region, and the game reservation has exceeded one million. This time, the Journey of Tetris is not only endless challenges and 40 classic experiences, but also hundreds of adventures, real-time battles, rich social interaction, and even free construction of games.

Five new games join the A.C.E Program

A.C.E Program is an independent game acceleration program launched by Tencent, which enables independent games to use Tencent’s powerful channels when issuing and promoting independent games.

At this year’s press conference, five new independent games have been added to A.C.E Program:

  1. my knight-errant“(我的武侠), a retro martial arts strategy RPG , focusing on the deep interaction of NPC, the free development of storylines and other elements. The game attempts to create an immersive martial arts world and gives players a high degree of freedom.
  2. GRIS, an art adventure mobile game that won the 2019 TGA Game of the year, presents the fantasy world of weaving little girl GRIS with gorgeous visual performance and musical effects.
  3. Spiral Storm”(螺旋风暴), a real-time card-to-hand game that combines MOBA and card elements to form a new game mode, with a fast-paced battle of three minutes as the main selling point.
  4. Metal Revolution, a mecha fighting mobile game, mainly depicts the cyber punk mecha style, trying to use the mecha to show a sense of attack, showing a hard-core combat on the mobile.
  5. Art of War 3″ is Tencent’s “first orthodox real-time strategy mobile game”. By restoring the classic RTS game, it can achieve a real-time strategy game on the mobile.

Dragon Nest 2 (Mobile)

“Dragon Nest 2” is a new open world mobile game in the Dragon Nest series, and players will play a new story on the complete map of the big world. While inheriting the classic combat experience of the original “Dragon Nest”, new roles such as Dragon boss Battle, PVP play, and female priestess are introduced for the first time. Players can experience the big world of Artria, which is different from the previous one. The game will be launched on July 9.

Mobile Game of The Joy of Life(庆余年手游)

The Joy of Life is a MMORPG mobile game adapted from a novel of the same name and developed by Shengqu Games. This mobile games will be deeply linked with TV dramas to highly restore the original works in terms of world outlook, plot and characters, in order to create a “real world intertwined with rivers and lakes and temples”. The game will start a limited edition test during the summer vacation.

Code : three Kingdoms.

The innovative fusion strategy card game “Code: three Kingdoms” produced by Tencent invites famous writer Ma Boyong to serve as the game world outlook architect, with sand table maps, stylized warriors, real-time combat and other games, as well as flexible BD collocation, multi-level strategy levels and other designs.

MU Origin 2(全民奇迹2)

Magic RPG “MU Origin 2” has made all-round upgrades to MU’s art vision, wing equipment and classic scenes with the help of the powerful performance of Unreal engine 4. Through the adventures of magical heroes, it expands more possibilities of the magical world, and the World Miracle implantation program connects magic and reality, making the ultimate magnificent breakthrough imagination.

Conquest and hegemony(征服与霸业)

Multi-civilization sand table strategy mobile game “conquest and hegemony”, gathered a number of civilizations, let players feel the wisdom crystallization and magnificent historical facts of different civilizations. The game restores classic historical battles and battle strategies, integrates impassable battles into a super sand table, and provides a cross-civilization strategy to play. The game has now been pre-registered for the whole platform.

Handicraft Planet

“Handicraft Planet” is a massively multiplayer online sandboxie game with a theme of planetary adventure. Players are free to venture, build and fight in different planetary civilizations, experience various types of boutique Mini Game, or build planetary homes with different styles at will.

Ailan Island

Ailan Island is a sandboxie game similar to RPG-Maker. The game officially launched the recruitment of “part-time game producers” at this press conference. Ailan Island tried to use a low-threshold, high-degree-of-freedom game editor to provide a full-service platform for developers, so that all players can easily make games. In addition, the follow-up mobile game “Ailan Island” will also be launched to realize the creation and sharing between mobile phone and PC.

Wolong Yin 2

Wolong Yin 2 is a war strategy mobile game jointly created by Tencent and Seasun. With the era of the three Kingdoms as the background, the game takes the epic city battle of full free marching, stepless scaling, ten thousand people on the same screen and instant attack and defense as the main selling point.

New games on WeGame

WeGame is a Steam-like game platform launched by Tencent, which is mainly used to sell and operate PC-end games.

At this press conference, there are the following news related to WeGame:

  • The latest Chinese-style fantasy martial arts series Xuanyuan Jian, Xuanyuan Jian 7, will be launched in WeGame. But the release date was not announced.
  • The latest version of WarFrame will be available in Chinese mainland.
  • Neon Abyss will be sold in WeGame.
  • The sequel to The Swordsmen X will be released for the first time in WeGame.

DNF Mobile Game

“Dungeon & Fighter” mobile game is officially scheduled for August 12, 2020, and released video clips, showing the characteristics and details of the product. While inheriting the 2D horizontal version of the game and the classic features of IP, the game ensures the smooth and comfortable operation of mobile devices through the innovation and optimization of custom key positions, one-click strokes, sliding screens and other modes of operation; and according to the characteristics of the mobile end, it adds a series of new games, such as “relic battle” mode of guild confrontation, “super chaos fight” for leisure, and so on.

FIFA Online 4 & FIFA World

As the only mobile game officially authorized by FIFA in China, “FIFA Online 4” will start testing Volta Live games on June 30th. Chinese footballer Wu Lei will act as the face of the game. In addition, “FIFA World” mobile games will release new ways to play in manager mode this summer.

CODE name: SYN

In the form of easter egg, Tencent announced a technical demo of open world shooter “code: SYN”. This is independently developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group.

The game, which is aimed at the PC and console platforms of the global game market, will create an open world with cyber punk themes. As a technology demo, “code: SYN” mainly conveys the exploration and technical precipitation of Tencent photons in the host field.


Returning to the opening speech, Ma Xiaoyi threw out the following point of view:

“globally, the popularity of new technologies is accelerating, the innovation cycle of gameplay is shortening, the creation of story IP is also increasingly rich, and the game industry is standing at the crossroads of an era full of possibilities.”

This is as Tencent Games’s new brand slogan said, “to discover, infinite possibilities.” We try to understand what this conference conveys in a more popular way. I think it’s “Tencent doesn’t want to miss any tide”.

You may still remember the lively topic of “can Tencent play 3A games?” in the industry last year, and just a few months later, Tencent has come up with an eye-catching demo demonstration like “code name: SYN”.

No matter what Tencent can achieve in 3A games in the end, when a Tencent, which is laying out everything, comes up with a list of products that are comprehensive and all-pervasive, I believe that maybe this may really be the signal of the first year of Tencent 3A games.