Yesterday, Tencent Video animation annual press conference held online, continuous live broadcast for 8 hours, announced Tencent Video 2020 animation latest film list, including 22 blockbuster new IP animation, 22 continuous development of China’s ACG series of works, plus other 20 2020 announced new progress in animation works, a total of 64 new works and new animation progress.

“PUBG Game”, which is closely related to Tencent Games, determined the animation, but this animation is not based on the game “Game for Peace”, but is based on an online novel based on PUBG, which is “AWMPUBG” written by “how long”. As a popular novel to e-sports, AWMPUBG is rumored to be preparing for a live-action version, and there has been a very successful radio drama before animation, and the excellent cast of animated sound is likely to follow the radio series.


In addition to the animation adapted from the game, Tencent also released a lot of news about the animation of online novels at this press conference, such as “Zhu Xian” by Xiao Ding, “Dragon Raja” by Jiangnan, “Daomu Biji” by Nanpaisanshu, and so on. These works have left a deep impression on a generation of Chinese people, and the projects related to live-action dramas, movies, and comics have never stopped, but there has been no news of animation for a long time. Today’s “deep-pocketed” Tencent has decided to animate these works, which has realized the dream of many fans.

Zhu Xian

In addition to the changes in games and novels, there is also a relatively “traditional” animation-Comic adaptation. The most artistic content in Tencent Animation and Comic’s press conference is not the adaptation of games such as “Honor of Kings”, but “BLADES OF THE GUARDIANS”. “BLADES OF THE GUARDIANS” is a Chinese cartoon of excellent quality, which once entered the Japanese market and received a good response. The story of “BLADES OF THE GUARDIANS” is based on the history of the Sui and Tang dynasties, completely excluding the well-known elements of romance, and is a cartoon with a relatively mature form of expression.


In addition to the above-mentioned works, the live broadcast also confirmed the new animations such as “Kuiba”, the fourth season of “Under One Person”, the third season of “Xixingji” and the third season of “Modao Zushi”. For viewers who like Chinese animation, this press conference is definitely a gluttonous feast.

As the first Internet video platform to enter China’s ACG field, Tencent Video began to make efforts in China’s ACG field in 2015, promoting hot IP, and continuous innovation in China’s ACG content form through multi-dimensional development. The adaptation of classic novels such as “Douluo Dalu” and “Mo Dao Zu Shi” is not only Tencent Video’s representative work in the field of ACG in China, but also an important milestone in helping China’s ACG to break the wall, promoting the development of Chinese animation from production mode, content quality, user scale and distribution mode to a more mature direction, creating a win-win ecological environment, and leading the healthy development of the whole Chinese ACG industry.