Master Kong, a famous Chinese instant noodle brand, has launched a new line of self-heating rice.

It contains two flavors, one is the secret spicy beef rice, the other is the sifang braised beef rice.

Both taste similar to Master Kong’s signature instant noodles, except the staple is rice instead of noodles.

In the form of products, it is also divided into two, one of the packaging with a self-heating device. Consumers simply add cold water at a designated location and it heats itself. The other is simple packaging, can be used with the microwave oven.

Four boxs with a self-heating unit costs 99 yuan, or about 25 yuan ($3.53) per meal. The net content of the product is 380g, consisting of 200g of dehydrated rice and 180g of flavouring bags. This means it contains significantly more meat and spices than instant noodles.

Tingyi is the largest instant noodle maker in China, with a market share of 43.3 percent in 2019, according to Nielsen data. Its signature braised beef noodles have been available in mainland China for 30 years.

But with the development of economic level and the emergence of food delivery, instant noodles are losing their important position. A range of new Chinese instant foods are on the rise, such as self-heating rice, self-heating hot pot and Chinese Style instant noodles.

In late 2019, Master Kong launched a self-heating version of instant noodles, attempting to extend the instant noodles dining scene to outdoor camping.