Recently, Yili’s Xinshiji launched a fast-food Japanese-style ramen called “White Noodle Japanese barbecued Pork Bone Noodle”.

Xinshiji, a new Yili brand exploring social retail and health food, has launched a variety of new flavor yogurt snacks this year. At first, Xinshiji focused on functional health foods, focusing on areas such as weight loss, beauty and digestion, but later explored new flavors of snacks. Now the launch of instant ramen is an attempt to continue to open up the market. It is worth noting that compared with snacks, the eating scene of instant ramen is very different.

For this new product of ramen, Xinshiji claims to be developed in cooperation with Japanese ramen master Tadayuki Iwata. The soup is full-bodied, delicious and noodles are strong. Ingredients include barbecued pork, sesame shoots, sea moss slices, undaria, cabbage, chopped sesame and so on. In addition, considering the popular health concept, noodles are free of pigments and preservatives.

The new product has been sold in the flagship store of Yili Xinshiji Tmall, with a price of 39.9 yuan and a discounted price of 23.9 yuan per serving. Each serving contains 90 grams of noodles, 68.6 grams of ingredients and a shelf life of 210 days. The price of three pieces is 79.9 yuan, but the discount price is only 69.9 yuan, which is not much better than that of a single purchase.