A few days ago, Pinduoduo announced the official launch of the “National Brand Pavilion” program, which will invest 1 billion yuan in consumer subsidies and resources, and cooperate with store operation of exclusive services, commodity audit green channel and other measures to help overseas brands and products land in China.

Chen Qiu, vice president of Pinduoduo, said: “We will support the ‘National Brand Pavilion’ plan from the aspects of funds, resources, store operation, and so on.”

At present, Pinduoduo still implements the policy of “0 commission” and “0 platform service annual fee” for merchants of imported products, that is, for every transaction reached by merchants on the platform, the platform does not charge any transaction commission. Merchants only need to pay very low payment fees to WeChat Pay, Alipay, and other payment channels.

At the same time, the above plan will also invite ambassadors and consuls to China to give commodity presentations and cultural introductions in the live broadcast room. Since the beginning of this year, Pinduoduo has launched dozens of live events in cooperation with embassies and consulates of Argentina, Serbia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, and other countries.

As the first “National Brand Pavilion” on Pinduoduo’s platform, Pinduoduo’s “Chile Pavilion” was launched a few days ago. as of 9: 00 p.m., Pinduoduo’s “Chile Pavilion” launched and its products attracted 710000 viewers.

Chen Qiu said that Pinduoduo will continue to promote the “National Brand Pavilion” project in the future to explore consumer demand for imported products. “At present, the platform has reached an intention to cooperate with embassies and consulates of many countries in Asia and Europe. The next step is to select high-quality products from various countries and promote the broadcasting of diplomatic envoys from various countries.”

However, it should also be noted that how much of the 1 billion yuan invested by Pinduoduo is cash and how much is the “promotion cost” converted into resources and channels is still unknown. Considering the limited sales of the “National Brand Pavilion” products in the short term, it is still unknown how long and how many pieces of the so-called “1 billion subsidies” can be put in place. In addition, Pinduoduo’s long-term price subsidy strategy has also seriously affected its profit prospects. at present, the social e-commerce company, which has always been at the forefront of the storm, still sees no hope of turning losses into profits.

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