On July 1, General Yin Dianjia, former deputy commander of the Air Force of China’s Guangzhou military region, Wang Kedong, former vice dean of the Administrative College of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and retired fighter pilot, and Wang Jian, China Communications flight coach, successively entered Pinduoduo’s live broadcast room. They attracted millions of netizens to watch.

According to the planner of the “Pilot Live” event, the live broadcast has popularized some knowledge about aviation and flight training, and interested netizens could also place orders directly in Pinduoduo’s studio to buy four helicopters with prices ranging from 4.2 million yuan to 90.55 million yuan.

At 8: 00 in the morning, Pinduoduo announced that it would “sell airplanes”, resulting in netizens chatting in the studio before the live broadcast began. Some netizens seriously inquired about the registration and use of private helicopters in China. Just after 10:00 in the morning, the 84-year-old General Yin Dianjia took the stage, and the energetic veteran made netizens truly excited.

Yin Dianjia was born in 1937 and served in the Chinese Air Force for nearly 40 years. He served as Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Air Force of the Guangzhou military region. He entered the aviation school in the early 1950s and was one of the earliest pilots selected from the school in the New China. In 1988, Yin Dianjia was awarded the rank of major general.

The “air broadcast” event lasted until 12:00 on July 1 and lasted for four hours. In addition to the chatting and stories, the anchorman also took netizens into the interior of the helicopter to watch the sophisticated dashboards in the cab.

The  pilot live also sold four real helicopters, including the Robinson R4 helicopter priced at 4.2 million yuan, the Airbus H125 helicopter priced at 15 million yuan, the Bell 407 helicopter priced at 28.5 million yuan, and the Bell 429 helicopter priced at 90.55 million yuan.

For different types of aircraft, Pinduoduo users could first pay a deposit ranging from 29999 yuan to 49999 yuan, and then further communicate with merchants about the offline final payment. The live broadcast attracted a total of millions of viewers, and by the end of the event, an Airbus H125 helicopter sold for 15 million yuan in the studio showed that “two pieces had been put together”.

One buyer is a private company boss from Wenzhou who currently operates real estate, leather goods, cosmetics, and other businesses in Guangzhou. He said: “after seeing Pinduoduo live broadcast, I had a strong interest and quickly issued a deposit for the order and was in negotiations with the merchants.”