Chacha, a Chinese food brand focused on nuts, held its annual strategic new product launch on July 25, 2020. At the launch, the brand unveiled two of its latest lines: probiotic daily nuts and daily cereal.

ChaCha, an established nut brand in China, is famous for selling sunflower seeds. But in recent years, with the emergence of competitors, it is trying to expand its product category.

Probiotic Daily Nuts is an upgrade of the brand’s Daily Nuts. This product divides different varieties of nuts into separate packages according to nutritional matching. Consumers only need to eat one bag to get the nutritional needs of the body for nuts within a day.

Chacha Probiotics Daily uts

Probiotics daily nuts, on the basis of this product, each nut is sprayed with a yogurt-like coating. It not only increases the sweet and sour taste, but also increases the nutrition.

According to Chacha Food, the probiotics they used came from the Hefei Institute of Materials, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is one of the top research institutions in fermentation technology in China.

Daily nut cereal is another product launched by the company this time, which also divides the cereal into small packages to satisfy each consumption, and adds a lot of nuts to it. According to the company, daily nut cereal contains about seven times as many nuts as similar products, and a total of 100000 bags were sold in the three months of trial sale.

In addition, the company announced that it would pay more attention to e-commerce sales. And the company released its latest Visual Identity System. Unlike the sunflower seed packaging sold by the company, it has always imitated Chinese newspapers. The new image is a cartoon astronaut, which is used in nut series and e-commerce sales to attract more young consumers.