Perfect Diary officially announced Troye Sivan as the ambassador of the animal eye shadow brand on October 28th. This is the first time that Perfect Diary has worked with an international artist, and it is also another generation of speaker choice after Zhou Xun became its global brand ambassador.

Perfect Diary’s joint Discovery channel has successively launched a series of “explorer 12-color” animal eye shadow discs, such as Tiger disk, Ice Wolf disk, Crocodile disk, Deer disk, and Panda disk. With their unique design and bold color matching, they have quickly become popular products under Perfect Diary, with monthly sales of more than 100,000.

Troye Sivan, Ambassador of Animal Eye Shadow, was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 5, 1995. He is a South African-born Australian singer and actor.

Perfect Diary, founded in 2017, is a Chinese make-up brand. One year after its establishment, Perfect Diary has become a cutting edge in Chinese make-up, with a bumper harvest in terms of sales and word-of-mouth.

Since its establishment, Perfect Diary has become an excellent Chinese beauty make-up brand by virtue of the combination marketing of “IP+ network marketing”. Data show that during the Singles’ Day holiday in 2019, Perfect Diary sales surpassed Europe and the United States for the first time, becoming the first place on Tmall’s makeup sales list. In this year’s 618th Shopping Festival, Perfect Diary still maintained the number one sales in the industry.

The problem is that the, Perfect Diary brand still lacks details, such as an “online celebrity”. The addition of Zhou Xun and Troye Sivan as Perfect Diary brand ambassadors is a measure for Perfect Diary to pursue brand upgrading.

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