Some people said that they could communicate with ghosts. 

Such people are called “psychics” among the people.

Humans are a species that spends whole life in search of an explanation, and if there is a problem that modern science cannot explain, they habitually seek another way to find the answer.

It seems to be a mystery if there is supernatural phenomenon.

Those who claim that can speak with spirits, in most cases, are just the bridge for those who wish to talk with the dead, say things too late to say, do things too late to do.

Compared with superstition, we are more willing to believe that this is only the spiritual sustenance and spiritual comfort of a group of helpless people.

In this article, you will read the story of a group of psychics.

Some said that he could cross the border of life and death in dream; some said that she could summon fox-fairy; and some said that she gains paranormal perception by worshiping the gods.

Here are their stories:

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Author | Li Bushy
Editor | Li Sisi
English | Rorschach

Cross the border of “life and death”(阴阳) in dream, but I could not save my father. 

Mr He, Male, 58, Shaanxi, Jia County

I became a Huangsa (this term may refer to a kind of Bodhisattva) when I was 24.

In our place, people who are Huangsa claim that they have “the eye of heaven” and can cross life and death, cure diseases, exorcise ghosts, and keep the village safe.

I was difficult to raise when I was a child, had been in poor health since birth. My parents found me a fortune-teller, said that I must be given to others to raise, or I would not be able to grow up.

As a result, when I was three years old, I was given to a family of my own in the village by my biological parents. Curiously, I really hadn’t been sick since then, just weaker than most kids.

When I was 24 years old, I had a serious illness. I had a extremely bad fever and fell into coma. I felt asleep for three days.

In the coma, I had a dream:

I dreamed that I got up from the bed, went out of the door and walked to the outside of the village. When I was out of the village, I found myself on a river. I followed the river and came to a big town.

There was a big temple in the street, so I went in.

The village where I live

I still remember there were many people in the temple. There was a table in the middle of the hall, and behind it sat an old man in black, like Bao Zheng in the opera. Behind him stood two rows of men with sticks. In the temple hall, I saw the father of fellow villager Guo Siping. At that moment, the old man in black was calling Siping’s father’s name.

The old man said, “You are 69 years and your time has run out, but you have been good all your life, so you don’t have to suffer. You will become a driver in the underworld.”Then the old man called another name that I did not know, and said, “You are always greedy for cheap and trespass on others, but this time you even stole cypress trees from the temple, so you should pay the price with your livestock.”

Then it was my turn. The old man said that I should be died this year. However, my ancestors had several generations of merit in repairing temples and worshiping gods, so they left me in the world of the livings. “But I can’t give you life in vain. Later, you will be the watchman of the village. When you meet some evil things, you will exorcise them away and protect the others. Being the servants of the underworld means that you are only half a man now, and you will be half deaf in the future.”

Then two men with sticks came and led me out, and as soon as I was out of the temple, I woke up.

The day I woke up, Siping’s father passed away. A few days later, I heard that in Gaojiawan, about 20 miles away, five sheep of a family all died.

Though I was cured, my ears were broken and people had to speak loudly in my ear to be heard.

I told my parents about my dream, and my father told me that I had seen the judge of the underworld.

After that, at night, whenever I fell asleep, I dreamed I would get up and go out and walk around the village.

In the dream, sometimes I encountered unholy things, yet they were all afraid of me and dared not enter the village.

I could also see the spirits of the old man in the village leaving their house and I knew the old man was going to die.

Then the village people knew I had become a Huangsa, could exorcise ghost to cure the others. Some patients who could not be cured by hospital and knew they were possessed by ghost, would look for me to help them.

When I was 45, my father was very ill, and I slept next to him. In the middle of the night, I dreamed that my father’s soul had left his body and left the house. I was so worried that I got up and pulled him back.

The next night, I saw in my dream that my father’s spirit was about to leave again, and I was about to pull him back when two men with sticks came through the door and said to me, “this is his destiny. Don’t you dare stop us!”

My father died that night.

I’ve had these dreams every day for most of my life, and sometimes I can’t tell if they’re real or not.

Worship the whit fox-fairy(狐仙) at home, even officials came to my house to worship the celestial.

Mrs Gao, the fairy godmother, female, 61,  Shanxi,Xing County

My hometown was Baode County. When I was nineteen, my family decided to marry me to Xingxian county, two hundred miles away.

When I arrived, I realized that my in-laws were very poor.

There were only two cave dwelling can live, and there was an old cave on the side. The doors and Windows were all rotten, and some junk was piled up. There was not even a courtyard wall outside.

My mother-in-law’s house.

In the third year of my marriage, one day the old hen in our family ran away from the nest and couldn’t find the eggs. So I went to the old cave to look for eggs.The cave was dark and deep, usually my husband was afraid of snakes and scorpions, never let me go in. He went to work in the field that day, so I had to go in by myself. The cave was full of hay, clay jars, old spinning wheels, and other sundries. I went in and couldn’t find a place where the hens laid their eggs.

I thought the hen must have made a nest in this cave, so I went deeper. To my surprise, there was nothing here, except a painting pasted inside and a tablet in front of it. I suddenly had a shiver without reason, then  I was too afraid to look for eggs, so I turned to go out. I began to talk delirious during the night, and as soon as I closed my eyes I saw a woman sitting beside me.

In the dream, the woman said that she had practiced five hundred years to get such power, living in this family to accept offerings. However, since Lan Xiang was gone, she could not find a appropriate physical body.

She also said that I was pretty enough and had some power inside, could be her disciple. At dawn, my husband said I had been talking nonsense all night and asked me if I had met anything strange yesterday. I told him about going to that old cave looking for eggs and seeing the portrait and the tablet.

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Then my husband frowned, he said I called a name, Lanxiang, which was his grandmother’s name. The cave dwelling used to be lived in by his grandmother, who used to worship a white fox fairy. My man’s surname was Gao, and the white fox fairy was his family`s protector. Since the death of his grandmother, no one has lived in the cave, put away the sundry things, the fairy has not been worshiped. 

He didn`t expect such a strange thing to happen after so many years

I was very scared and asked him what to do. He said that I should not respond if I heard anything again, then the fox would leave.

Strangely, in the following days, I talked nonsense in dream every night. The woman had been asking me to be her disciple, saying that she had not been worshiped for decades and finally found a good one. She also said that I could have many special power if I could be her student, such as paranormal perceptions, the power to exorcise evil things, and she would give me luck in making money and keey my family prosperous. 

After a some time, I couldn’t hold on any longer.

My husband said that this might be predestined, let us bring the fox fairy back. Then he cleaned the cave dwelling, prepared the shrine, lighted incense and yellow paper, brought the painting and the tablet back to our cave dwelling. After that, I offered tributes, lighted incense, said that I was willing to be fairy`s disciple, and the family would worship her all year round.

Since then, this cave house has become the temple of my family. The people in the nearby village knew the rites here restarted, therefore, those who were suffered from difficult disease,sought for fortunes and safety, came to me. 

People need to offer tributes, three feet of red cloth, speak their request, then I will ask the fox fairy to arrive.

After finishing the job, those who asked for something will also give some money as offering. When the fox fairy comes, I feel as if my body is not my own. I feel as if I am hiding in a corner, looking at my body and doing all kinds of things.

Someone came to see the great immortal, need to offer incense table, three feet of red cloth, and then speak their own request, I will ask the great immortal here. After finishing the job, those who ask for great immortals will also send some money as offerings. When the great fairy came, I felt as if my body was not my own. I felt as if I was hiding in a corner, looking at my body and doing all kinds of things.

In such situation, I can see a lot of things that others can’t see, and know a lot of things that others don’t know. These years, not only the people in the village, but also the city business, officials, also come to see me to seek for fortunes and prospects. Every year and festival, they come to me with valuable gifts.

I was the servant of the goddess(神女奶奶) in my previous life. This life, be her servant in this mortal world.

Granny Li, female, 63, Hebei, Handan

When I was fifty-five years old, I was seriously ill. I was too weak to stand up, had to lay in bed for a month.

My family sent me to the hospital , yet couldn’t tell me what was wrong – just couldn’t get out of bed. People in the village said I had an incurable disease. My son hadn’t got a wife then, and no girl would married him if I was gone.

As I lay in my bed, I thought of gods and made a vow that if I could get over my illness, I would worship them with all my heart. One night, after I fell asleep, I dreamed that a colorful bird flew over the tree in front of my house and began to speak human language.

The bird told me that there was a fairy grass under the steps of the main temple of grandma’s temple in Peach Blossom Mountain. I would be cured if I find it and eat it.

Woke up the next day, the dream was still vivid in my eyes. I clearly remembered the bird’s appearance, remembered it parked on the tree, also remembered it let me go to the grandma’s temple in Peach Blossom Mountain to find the antidote.

I told my husband about the dream, told him I would go to the mountain, pray in the temple. That day I felt a little strength in my body. My husband found a van, and we went to the Peach Blossom Mountain. I was on crutches, my husband hold me, and let him carry me to pass the place that I could not.

After reached the mountain, I went to grandma`s temple.

On the top of the Peach Blossom Mountain, there was the Jade Emperor Temple, dedicated to the Jade Emperor, and on the mountainside there was the Bi Xia Temple, dedicated to Bi Xia Jun, which was commonly known as grandma`s temple.

The temple consecrates three goddesses

I went first to pray, kowtow to goddess for her blessing, then I left with my husband, following the guidance of the bird in my dream to find the fairy herb. 

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As expected, I found the strange looking herb in front of the temple. I am a ploughman, and have farmed in the earth all my life, but I have never seen such plant. I knew in my heart that this was the fairy herb the goddess had given me.

I carefully dig it out with my husband, and into the temple kowtowed to thank the goddess, and then went to the top of the mountain to worship the Jade Emperor temple, then I went back home. I dreamed again that night, and the bird came again. It told me that I should take a small wine cup every morning to gather the dew before the sun came out, and drink it every day, with the potion boiled of the herb. Drinking it seven days and then I would be fine.

According to the instructions of the holy bird, I collected the dew every morning and took it together with the herb. My health improved day by day, and by the seventh day, I could walk normally. On the seventh night, I dreamed of the goddess in the temple. The goddess said to me that I was her servant in the previous life, reincarnated as a human, now she missed me, wish me to worship her and the gods at home.

After I woke up, I followed the instructions of the goddess in the dream. I went to the Peach Blossom Mountain to worship the goddess and the Jade Emperor, and brought their holy tablets back to worship at home.

Since then I has the paranormal power, could be able to see things that people can`t.

After treating my neighbors for a few illnesses, my fame spread. I could tell who is suffered from unholy things. Some unholy thins are not deliberately hurting people, just some ghosts that no one commemorates.In such situation, I will be the one who memory them, give them oblations, send them to the next life. 

Sometimes, they are rabbits or hedgehogs that already has some special power, breaking into people`s home by accident. In such situation, I will say something nice to persuade them to leave.