Recently, the new products of Nestle Tmall flagship store is the “HeyTea joint box.” The gift box includes one original Nestle Eagle condensed milk, one strawberry Nestle Eagle condensed milk, one Nestle light cream, one weekly HeyTea tea bag, one HeyTea joint cup, and three recipes of milk tea. The original price is 140 yuan, but now the discount price is 119 yuan.


Some costomers pointed out that under the guidance of recipes, they can make their own milk tea by using cups, tea bags, light cream, and condensed milk, which are all in the joint box.

HeyTea has always been good at marketing and attaches importance to the quality of raw materials. This cooperation with Nestlé, one of the major dairy suppliers in the world, not only plays a role in brand marketing but also can be used to endorse the quality of new products, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

During the epidemic, most offline catering enterprises suffered a certain degree of revenue decline. In addition to actively developing takeout business, selling new products on the e-commerce platform has also become a choice for many large enterprises.

But it should not be thought that HeyTea can provide the core experience of offline milk tea stores into a gift box. It has been commented that modern milk tea is no longer a simple combination of milk and tea, and the product cooperated with Nestle is more appropriate to teach users to make a cup of traditional milk tea than to let users make a cup of “HeyTea” at home. Traditional milk tea and modern milk tea no longer belong to the same commodity, and the users are also very different.

HeyTea is a famous emerging tea company in China, which was founded in 2012 and established the brand name “HeyTea” in 2015. After entering the Shanghai and Beijing markets in 2017, HeyTea has become a representative enterprise of the new generation of drinks in China and has quickly established a fashionable and delicious brand image among young people. Compared with ordinary tea and milk tea, HeyTea costs more per unit, but its rich dairy products and fruits make it taste rich and nutritious.