June 25 is this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. In this traditional festival, Chinese people will get an extra day off, combined with the weekend, there will be a total of three days off.

In previous years, Chinese people often used this holiday to travel short distances within the country. Affected by the epidemic, there will be fewer tourists during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday this year.

However, according to forecasts from China’s three major online travel agencies (Ctrip, Alitrip and Meituan Travel), the Dragon Boat Festival will be a sign of the recovery of China’s tourism industry. As most Chinese cities have completely lifted the quarantine policy, people can’t wait to travel.

According to the data released by Meituan Travel, the combined sales of all travel products during the Dragon Boat Festival is 226% of the usual sales. On this platform, the booking of air tickets during the Dragon Boat Festival has reached 120% of that of last year, which aslo indicates the growth of passenger flow.

However, this is partly due to the promotion of airlines. The platform also points out that the average price of air tickets has fallen by 30% compared with last year, which means that despite the increase in the number of passengers, airlines still have less revenue than last year. Still, this is a good sign.

According to Alitrip, the number of tourists traveling within China reached 60% of that of last year during the May Day holiday.

Alitrip predicts that the total revenue of tourism products during this year’s Dragon Boat Festival will reach about 60 percent of last year. According to the data that have been closed, the average price of hotels across China has even increased by 5% compared with the same period last year. However, affected by the second epidemic, Beijing’s tourism market has not yet recovered.

In its forecast, Ctrip expects more than 100 million people to travel during this year’s holiday season, which is even 10 million more than last year’s figure.

But as mentioned earlier, in order to attract tourists back out of their homes, hotels, air tickets and tourist attractions have carried out large-scale promotions and discounts. Therefore, the increase in the number of tourists does not mean the growth of the tourism market. In addition, affected by the global epidemic situation, outbound travel business is still at a standstill.

Since almost all trips are planned in advance, these figures are not predictions to some extent, but announce in advance the goals that have been achieved.

However, there is still no word on when China will reopen its borders to foreign tourists.