On the evening of October 23, netizens revealed that an Internet company had installed a toilet pit timer to control employees’ time to go to the toilet. Soon, the Internet company was found to be China’s well-known short video app,Kuaishou.

There was a great uproar in public opinion. In China, “taking a shit with pay” has always been a joke in the mouth of wage earners. After seeing the toilet timer, things may have changed.

Objectively speaking, Chinese wage earners are a group of hard-working people, and they are relatively easy to put up with longer working hours and worse working conditions than developed countries. As a result, even Chinese people will make fun of their unfair treatment. Some people say that when you go to the toilet during working hours, the working hours can be effectively reduced, which is equivalent to taking a shit with pay. Some people joked that making money from work is only a kind of exchange, and only making money by shitting is really making money.

There is an old Chinese saying, “there is a lot of shit and urine before a lazy donkey goes to work”, which describes a similar phenomenon. But on the whole, it is just a joke. Taking a shit with pay has not really become a social problem affecting work efficiency. Therefore, many people find it difficult to accept that shit has to be timed.

In response, the official Weibo of “Kuaishou customer Service” responded that it was unexpected that the test of a single pit had attracted everyone’s attention. The fact is that the number of toilets in the Kuaishou campus is limited, and there is a serious queue for employees to go to the toilet. However, due to the limitation of the building structure, it is difficult to increase the toilet pit in the building. This time, a timer is installed in only one toilet pit to test the number and time of toilet use per day, so as to determine the number of mobile toilet potholes that need to be increased.

This response is indeed very credible. In any case, it is ridiculous to calculate the time for employees to shit.