Anta, a sports equipment brand from China, has just released the latest generation of its Klay’s Disrupt series, which they have partnered with NBA basketball star Klay Thompson. (hereinafter referred to as KT6)

The theme of this KT6, “High mountains and Running water”, is quoted from the ancient book “Liezi Tang Wen” in the Chinese Spring and Autumn period, which is compared to “the Magic of Music”. There is also an ancient music handed down to this day in China, which uses this name.

Unlike KT3, KT4 and KT5 designed by Robbie Fuller, Anta hired Zheng Yongxian(郑永先), a well-known Chinese designer, as the main designer of the KT6 series. According to analysis, this is because Chinese designers can better integrate Chinese classical elements into the design language.

According to Zheng Yongxian, the Anta team has communicated with Klay many times in the past year and found that he lives near mountains and oceans, and Klay likes to relax through meditation. This is very similar to the spiritual core that “High mountains and Running water” wants to show in Chinese culture and traditional culture.

Judging from the final products, these elements are really well integrated into KT6. In addition to the abstract images of mountains and river, the soft lines and colors are also full of Zen.

According to the report, the KT6 series will go on sale on September 23, 2020. Its starting price is 899 yuan ($133), which is about 20% higher than the price of KT5. This is said to be due to Anta’s confidence in KT6 sales.

There is a reason for this confidence. This is not the first time that Anta has launched Chinese stlye trandy sports shoes,. They have previously launched sneakers themed by the famous Chinese poet Li Bai.

The consumption trend in China has changed greatly in the past few years. Chinese young consumers are changing from the worship of overseas brands to the enthusiasm for Chinese classical culture. Products that reinterpret Chinese classical culture with modern design will be snapped up in the market.

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