Recently, Genki Forest launched new latte-flavored milk tea product. The product is on sale at Genki Forest Tmall’s flagship store for 12 bottles of 149.9 yuan per bottle of 450ml.

This is not the first milk tea drink launched by Genki Forest. In 2019, Genki Forest began to sell a series of milk tea, which now has three flavors: original flavor, jasmine flavor and latte flavor.

Unlike the usual milk tea, Genki Forest still claims that its new product is a healthy drink. Genki Forest milk tea series does not contain sucrose and has a low fat content, and its calorie is only less than one third of the usual milk tea. Very few additives are also the consistent style of Genki Forest. Some consumers think that people who do not want to drink real milk tea for health reasons can try Genki Forest’s new product.

The main reason for Genki Forest’s success is the delicate balance between taste and health. Its two main beverages, fruit-flavored sparkling water and tea, are all health products with very low energy and low artificial additives. The development of health series milk tea is also a continuation of Genki Forest’s health strategy.

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