July 6, 2020, Sensor Tower released the global App Store and Google Play revenue rankings of Chinese mobile game publishers in June 2020. The 30 mobile game publishers on the list earned more than $1.65 billion worldwide in June, accounting for 26% of the total revenue of mobile games in the current period.

Tencent’s Under One Person, a fighting mobile game based on comics of the same name, continued to generate huge revenue for publishers in June. This game has become a mobile game product of Tencent, second only to “Arena of Valor” and “PUBG Mobile” in revenue.

With Knives Out,Onmyoji and Identity V, NetEase continues to hold on to the second place.

Lilith’s revenue has been outstanding since the release of Rise of Kingdoms and AFK Arena at the end of 2019. The launch of the Japanese version of AFK Arena in May kept the publisher in third place in June.

Yoozoo launched the Korean version of “Junior Three Kingdoms 2” in mid-June, and with its outstanding achievements in China and overseas, Yoozoo ranked sixth on the list. At present, the income of “Junior Three Kingdoms 2” in Japan and South Korea is still rising steadily, which once again demonstrates the commercial value of boutique three-country mobile games in the Asian market.

Thanks to the outstanding performance of “Crasher: Origin” in the Japanese and Korean markets, and “Story of Sky Angels“, a Nijigen card mobile game that launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan area in June, the revenue of 4399 rose 28% from the previous month to a new high, successfully entering the ninth place on the list.

The top three markets of 4399 are Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong and Taiwan, accounting for 33.7%, 30.4% and 20.3%, respectively. The studio has gradually become a Chinese mobile game manufacturer that focuses on overseas markets and has made certain achievements.