The quarantine policy of the epidemic has almost brought the economy to a standstill, but the Internet industry seems to benefit from it.

China’s big data company URORA Data recently released the 2020 Q1 Mobile Internet Industry data Research report (Chinese), which describes the changes in the behavior of Chinese smartphone users in the first quarter of 2020.

According to the report, the total number of APP installed per capita by Chinese mobile Internet users continued to grow to 63 in the first quarter of 2020, and the average daily APP usage time reached 6.7 hours by increasing 2.4 hours year-on-year.

Additionally, it appears that users prefer the short-video App (Tiktok-Like), which accounts for 21.2% of users’ daily screen time, up from 12.3% in the same period of last year, which could be seen that the significant rising occurred during the outbreak. The same group of data was still 17.8 percent at the time of 2019Q4 and increased significantly by3.3 percent in the first quater of 2020, after the outbreak began.

According to the report, Douyin (Tiktok`s Chinese Version) users used the App for a total of more than 36.04 billion minutes in March 2020. Due to the success of Douyin, bytedance’s apps account for 19.6% of screen time of Chinese smartphone users, making the corporation occupy the second-longest screen time for Chinese users after Tencent.

For Tencent, Tencent Video got 11.18 billion minutes of user screen time, Arena of Valor got 10.98 billion minutes of user screen time, and PUBG got 7.12 billion minutes of user screen time.

Although the growth of short videos has completely outpaced games in terms of data, yet the growth of short video applications is close the ceiling, according to analysts.

Besides, online education is also an important reason to boom the screen time of Chinese users in the first quarter.

Educational institutions across China launched a campaign “don’t go to school, but keep learning” in February. The market penetration of K12 apps reached 34% in the quarter, and the number of users increased five times camparing with the same period last year.

You can read the original report for more data.

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