On October 1, 2020, China will usher in its annual National Day. According to tradition, National Day is one of the most important public holidays in China. It tends to achieve a seven-day holiday by borrowing a weekend. National Day is also the most important travel period. Chinese people do not have the custom of reuniting with their families on National Day, so most of them choose to travel long distances during the holiday.

But the 2020 National Day holiday is different from previous years. Affected by the epidemic, fewer Chinese will travel overseas this year. At the same time, as the COVID-19 pandemic in China is completely over, domestic tourism in China will break out during this holiday.

According to a report released by Ctrip, China’s largest online travel agency, the number of domestic travel bookings of Chinese tourists during the upcoming holidays is already 10% higher than that of the same period last year. Of course, this does not mean that China’s tourism industry has fully resumed its growth. In order to attract travelers out of their homes, Chinese airlines and hotels have slashed prices. As a result, the overall market size is still lower than last year.

In addition, some large-scale events originally scheduled to be held in the first half of this year and the middle of this year have also decided to held on this holiday, such as music festivals.

Earlier, a photo of a music festival from Wuhan from Chinese state media detonated Twitter. Many overseas netizens think it is fake news. But now, according to a Chinese entertainment media entertainment hard candy statistics. China will have 20 + music festivals in the coming 8-day holiday. In the article, it also gives a detailed list of 18 music festivals:

1 OctoberDongying, ShandongStrawberry Music Party 2020 Dongying Station
1 OctoberUlanqab, Inner Mongolia2020 BGM Alliance
1 OctoberWuxi, JiangsuMeet a good life festival 2020
2 OctoberSuzhou, JiangsuSal Music Festival
2 OctoberChengdu, SichuanStrawberry Music Carnival 2020
2 OctoberQingdao, ShandongPhoenix Music Festival 2020
3 OctoberDongtai, JiangsuHuanghai Forest Music Festival
3 OctoberLongyangxia, QinghaiLu Huo Music Estival
3 OctoberShanghaiChina Cool
3 OctoberZhengding, HebeiStar Music Festival 2020
3 OctoberNajing, Jiangsu8th MiDou Music Festival
4 OctoberAnyang, HenanAnyang Air Sports Music Carnival
5 OctoberWeifang, ShandongQing Ning Meng Music Festival
5 OctoberChengdu, SichuanCactus Music Festival 2020
6 OctoberHaikou, HainanForever Young Haikou Music Festival
6 OctoberNanjing, JiangsuForest Music Carnival
7 OctoberBeijingStrawberry Music Festival 2020
7 OctoberHarbin, HeilongjiangStrawberry Music Festival 2020 in Harbin
A list of all music festival that can be bought tickets publicly (link to Damai, China’s largest entertainment ticketing website)

This is just some of the music festivals held from October 1 to October 8 (public holidays). According to Damai.cn online sales information, there are more than 30 music festivals. Some well-known music festival brands, such as Strawberry Music Festival, have expanded their tour this year.

Most music festivals in China this year have raised ticket prices, contrary to the airline industry, according to the Entertainment hard candy report. In 2013, when China first started hosting music festivals, the average ticket price was 50 yuan ($8.50). But this year, the price has risen to 300 yuan ($51).

This change in prices reflects the growth of China’s spending power and the love of a new generation of consumers for music and street culture. In recent years, China has launched many TV programs with the theme of music and street culture, such as Street Dance of China, The Rap of China, The Big Band and so on.

As a result, despite the rising prices, tickets for most music festivals will be sold out in a short period of time.