Recently, Bilibili has released local language versions in Thailand and Malaysia. “The App is the official independent app released by Bilibili in Southeast Asia and aims to provide local users with a comprehensive video community with high-quality ACG content,” Bilibili said.

Bilibili’s Thai version has created Facebook and Twitter accounts, and its Twitter page shows that it was created in November, but no content has been released yet. In Malaysia, Bilibili has not been publicly promoted. Bilibili’s Thai version of the Google Play store wrote: watch free and popular anime, including many original copyright anime; clear image, no advertising; embedded in multiple languages; watch offline anytime, anywhere.

At present, there are famous Japanese animations such as “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba“, “Attack on Titans”, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” and “Tokyo Ghoul” on BiliBili’s Thai edition. In Google Play’s user comments, some users said the content was mainly original content with Thai subtitles. Taken together, the Thai version of Bilibili still lacks the content of Thai localization.

Japanese ACG culture is actually relatively small in China, but China’s user base is very large, so the business model of Bilibili is feasible. There is no giant country like China in Southeast Asia, and the niche problem of ACG content may be even more serious. At present, it seems that the existing content of the Thai language version of Bilibili is less, and the cost should not be high. It is still unknown whether the follow-up Bilibili will dig deep into the Thai market.