According to sources, online women’s fast fashion brand SHEIN has launched its all-new sub-brand SHEGLAM for the beauty market after successfully winning the favor of consumers around the world. The site is supported by Shopify.

It is understood that SHGLAM was originally a brand of beauty products on SHEIN’s main site, which is sold in ‘s Beauty section. As a result of its sales growth, the brand has a separate site.

Like SHEIN, SHEGLAM focuses on low-priced goods with a high performance-to-price ratio. At present, all the goods are between $1 and $13. According to the information on the site, the brand currently has 19 categories of popular cosmetics, including foundation, lipstick, blush, false eyelashes, and so on. A total of 259 items.

As a result of previous sales on, SHEGLAM has accumulated more than 160,000 followers on Instagram. Search for the brand name on Instagram and you will get 18000 results. This proves that the brand has gained a lot of users.

Shein is a fast fashion brand for women from China. It was founded in 2008. It is a brand completely oriented to overseas markets, so Shein does not exist for most Chinese consumers. Like Genki Forest, although SHEIN has been very successful in its own field, it is so silent that even in China, the company has never been interviewed.

Unlike many other small foreign trade merchants in China, Shein has been trying to integrate China’s supply chain advantages in the clothing sector, keeping prices to a minimum while ensuring basic quality. In the past, all the goods sold by Shein were under its own brand. They will carry out strict screening of manufacturers.

In 2020, offline fast fashion chains were hit by the influence of COVID-19. This has led to rapid growth in SHEIN’s revenue.

SHEIN first established its Chinese social media account on Wechat in November 2020. But the role of the account is to target potential suppliers in China, which seems to mean that SHEIN will start selling goods from other Chinese brands, not just its own brands, in the future.