Zhou Hei Ya, a well-known Chinese lou mei brand, announced the launch of a plant meat duck neck product on its official Wechat account on Oct. 10.

Like many new plant meat products this year, this new product not only has the fashion element of “plant meat”, but also claims to be low in calories, high in protein, zero cholesterol, zero trans fatty acids, no synthetic pigments and no nitrites. On other words, it includes “healthy” elements in the marketing.

Zhou Hei Ya claims that the new plant meat product retains the sweet and spicy taste and has an advantage in color and texture. Compared with the real duck neck, the plant meat duck neck certainly does not contain bones, so it will be more convenient for consumers to eat.

The new product went on sale on October 10th, but it is currently only available in some Zhou Hei Ya stores and lacks e-commerce channels to buy. At present, the new products are only available in some stores in Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi and Chongqing, and the quantity is limited. This new product can be seen as an attempt by Zhou Hei Ya on plant meat products.

Zhou Hei Ya is one of the best-known lou mei brands in China, mainly selling duck necks with sweet and spicy flavour. Compared with Jueweiyabo, Zhou Hei Ya`s product is relatively more expensive and high-end. Comparatively speaking, Jueweiyabo has peppery and spicy flavour. In addition to these two brands, there are many fast-growing lo mei and duck neck brands in China. At present, the market position of, Zhou Hei Ya has been challenged.