Recently, Yili Changqing launched a new yogurt “light after a meal”, and Yili’s Xinshiji Yixiaosheng yogurt block launched the summer limited snack “crayfish-flavored yogurt block”.

Yogurt “light after a meal” advises consumers to drink after meals, claiming that yogurt probiotics and dietary fiber can help improve intestinal function. In addition, in terms of taste, “light after a meal” is also relatively refreshing, helping to relieve greasy after meals.

Crayfish-flavored yogurt is a new flavor of Yixiaosheng yogurt. Yixiaosheng yogurt block is a freeze-dried yogurt snack that uses Yili yogurt as raw material to give yogurt a crisp taste. The crayfish taste is limited in summer, and yogurt with spicy crayfish is a hot spot for Chinese consumers in summer. Other Yixiaosheng flavors include fresh shrimp, spicy, matcha, blueberry, Orioles and so on.

At present, “light after a meal” yogurt has been sold in Yili low-temperature dairy Tmall flagship store, the price is 8bottles 75.8yuan, each bottle 238g. The new-flavored yogurt blocks have been sold at Xinshiji Tmall’s flagship store for 29.9 yuan each with a specification of 40 grams.