Recently, Wei-chuan launched a low-temperature drink, Haoheye coconut water, at Tmall’s official flagship store. In China, due to the vast land area, low-temperature cold chain products were once difficult to sell. But today, well-developed logistics systems are changing the market.

The new coconut milk launched by Wei-chuan needs to be refrigerated at 0 to 7 degrees Celsius, with a shelf life of 21 days. The product claims to add no flavor, no pigment, no preservatives, only mix the imported coconut water with imported coconut juice, focusing on refreshing and sweet taste.

The new coconut milk product is packed with 300mL, white bottle body, and blue label. The packaging design is very similar to other Wei-chuan juice products, and brand recognition is very high. At present, the new product has been launched in Wei-chuan Tmall flagship store. The original price is 60.90 yuan / 8 bottles, and the discounted price of new products is 49.9 yuan / 8 bottles, which is not much different from the price of other Wei-chuan juice series.

In recent years, plant foods and plant drinks have ushered in new consumption hotspots in China.

Like many markets around the world, high-sugar and high-calorie drinks are increasingly snubbed by consumers because they are unhealthy. As Chinese people already have the habit of drinking soy milk, vegetable protein beverages have a good market base. In recent years, due to the rise of food trends such as spicy hot pot, soy milk, a drink matched with spicy hot pot, has attracted more and more attention from consumers.  As Soybeans, walnuts, almonds, coconuts, oats, and other plant drinks have a certain market-based in China, they have attracted more and more mainstream manufacturers to invest in R & D and production in recent years.

However, plant drinks such as soy milk are usually preserved at room temperature after high-temperature sterilization in China, while cold chain drinks are relatively rare. Wei-chuan launched cold-chain coconut water, which improved the taste and nutrition of coconut water and made it high-end.

In terms of coconut water alone, for a long time in the past, China’s coconut milk industry has shown a “one-super-multi-strong” brand pattern. Hainan Coconutpalm coconut milk is a giant that is difficult for other coconut milk brands in China to compete. The scale and influence of the whole industry are limited, and the speed of category upgrading is also relatively slow. The launch of cold-chain coconut milk by Wei-chuan may stimulate the whole industry to launch new coconut milk products.

As Chinese people pay more attention to the sudden popularity of brands such as health drinks like Genki Forest, it can be predicted that plant drinks will continue to develop at a high speed in the next few years. Wei-chuan and other famous beverage brands set foot in unfamiliar areas and there will be more and more beverages with strong competitiveness. China’s beverage market has been changing rapidly, and more famous items may be formed in low-sugar drinks and non-added domains in the future.

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