Chinese designer clothing brand Sheepedia recently launched a joint campaign with Ubisoft. During this event, Sheepedia launched a number of clothing and merchandise related to Ubisoft games.

These include T-shirts with Rabbids images and Ubisoft Logo. But the team had a *problem* of making a cup with Ubisoft Logo on it. This is the case with this cup:

Ubisoft Bug Cup
Ubisoft Bug Cup

As shown in the pictures, the cup has a rampant bug. Its handle appears on the inside of the cup.

According to a “letter of apology” posted by Sheepedia on Weibo, they received a notice from the factory at the beginning of this month. The factory says the quality of the cup is very good, but there seems to be something wrong with the mold. After receiving the notification, Sheepedia carried out two weeks of DEBUG work, but failed to make it correct.

In the letter, Sheepedia said that as the product is no longer suitable for use as a water cup, they will no longer sell the product and will present it as a collection to Ubisoft fans in the near future. Ubisoft (China) officials forwarded the letter of apology on Weibo and confirmed the incident.

The comments under this Letter of apology

The whole thing didn’t seem like a real accident, but a viral marketing.

The Weibo post got more than 8000 retweets views in just one hour.( Update after 6 hours: 25000 retweets) Many Chinese Ubisoft fans think that this is really worth buying Ubisoft souvenirs, and have asked Sheepedia to mass produce and sell this cup.

Here are some of the goods really sold at this event: