Luckin coffee officially opened its “cooling your mouth” themed coffee shop in Yuzhong District of Chongqing on January 25th, which is also the first theme store opened by Luckin Coffee this year.

The store is located in the former military attache office of the former Soviet Embassy in China. Opposite it is the Hongya Cave, China’s most famous cyberpunk-style landmark, which was one of the most visited places in Chongqing when there was no COVID-19 epidemic.

The appearance of the theme store

This Luckin Coffee store is stylish and decorated with red and white, metal and glass elements.

In early December last year, Luckin Coffee launched a high-end product, the small Black Cup, or SOE Yirga Chefe. The coffee beans used in this series are Arabica coffee beans from the Yirga Chefe region of Ethiopia. At present, the small Black Cup SOE Yirga Chefe is only sold in ordinary Luckin stores and national theme stores in Beijing and Shanghai.

The promotional video released by Luckin Coffee for the theme store

Luckin Coffee also said that they will soon be on the shelves and start selling three Chongqing city-themed coffee cup cover.

The store is Luckin Coffee’s ninth theme store in China. The theme stores include the Imperial Palace theme store, Tencent QQ theme store and protection finless porpoise theme store.

Luckin Coffee, a Chinese coffee chain founded in 2017, was once seen as an important competitor to Starbucks in China. However, it admitted to financial fraud in 2019.

Despite the impact of the financial scandal, according to a report submitted by the company to a court in the Cayman Islands in December last year. They achieved turnover growth of 18.1%, 49.9% and 35.8% in the first three quarters of 2020, respectively.

But according to the same report, they were affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, and they did close some stores in 2020. The total number of stores decreased from 4507 to 3898.