Trailer for Shanghai International Film Festival released, filmed by iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This year’s Shanghai International Film Festival will be held from July 28 to August 2. The theme of this film festival is “reunion”. On July 21, the festival officially released the promotional film filmed by Chinese cutting-edge director Du Zhongkun.

The title of the film is “you stare at the light, you are the light”. Through this short film, the director hopes to express the view that “when we are watching the movie, we will also see ourselves in the movie,” and encourage the audience to go into the cinema where they have been away for a long time and meet themselves again.

This short film, which takes more than 2 minutes, was shot by iPhone 11 Pro Max without the use of extra lenses and complex auxiliary equipment.

With the epidemic almost over, China reopened cinemas on July 20, but the number of viewers per film was limited to 30% of the maximum number of people.