The game adapted CG movie “KOF Awakens”, a game adaptation from SNK authorized by Beijing Joy Pictures, Shanghai IDRAGONS Creative Studio and Original Force Ltd, released its first trailer on July 30. The plot is adapted around the KOF96~KOF97 background and tells the story of the descendants of the Three Sacred Treasures against the Orochi clan.

KOF is a familiar brand for fighting game enthusiasts around the world, and although it has performed poorly in the game itself in recent years, a series of classic characters whom it created are still well known in the ACG field. Unlike overseas, as arcade halls spreaded all over China in the late 1990s, KOF97, a work that is not very prominent in the history of KOF series, has become the childhood memory of many young and middle-aged Chinese players by chance.

Goenitz in the trailer

Almost all of the KOF’s film and television adaptations ended in disaster. Shanghai IDRAGONS Creative Studio, one of the producers of “KOF Awakening,” has previously produced the online animation “KOF Destiny”. Although the film has made some commercial achievements, the overall produce cost is very low and the character modeling is rough, which has caused many KOF fans to complain. In this trailer of “KOF Awakening”, the level of character modeling has been improved to some extent, but the facial design is still poor, and the movements of the characters are not very smooth. Overall, “KOF Awakens” is a low-cost animated film around the layout of KOF fans, and its ability to attract non-fans may be limited.

Joy Pictures has been deeply engaged in the Chinese animation and cartoon market for many years, and its publicity cases include the famous works “White Snake”, “the Legend of LuoXiaohei” and so on. IDRAGONS Creative Studio has rich experience in original development and film and television animation adaptation, such as “Dragon Agents”, “Plush fairy SPILIA”, “KOF Destiny” and so on. The Original Force, Ltd, as one of the top 3D animation companies in China, focuses on providing top content for the global entertainment digital industry, and has participated in the production of domestic and foreign special effects animation blockbusters such as “Monster Hunt”, “Asura”, “Legend of Ravaging Dynasties”, “Duck Duck Goose” and so on.